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Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Fun, Fine Fellas Friday: Tony Camm, Andre Whitehead, Youtube Sensation Jose Ayala

Today, I decided to do a VLOG on my Fine Fellas Friday, a blog dedicated to fabulous, fun, positive men, on Youtube. I've been so busy promoting my business Good Girl Chronicles in Chesapeake, Va I did not have time to write. So here is this week's installment of Fine Fellas Friday. Three great men, three great story-tellers, three great slay monsters. Thanks for sharpens me, I hope I do the same for you.

This week I'm sending mad love to Jose Ayala, Youtube Sensation, Gay Man, Slay Monster, Inspirational, All over FABULOUS! Thanks for making me laugh in the valley of my depression.

Mad Love to Tony Camm, Radio Personality , General Manager of an awesome hotel, singer, actor . community service hero PUFF DADDY OF LYNCHBURG, VA. Thanks for sharpening me.

Tony Camm and Lolo at a Lynchurg concert

BIG UPS to Andre Whitehead for believing in me as a story-teller. Andre Whitehead, positive story-teller, friend, promoter, community service extraordinaire-- thanks for sharpening me. Andre featured a story of mine on his show and it propelled my career as a story-teller. Thanks!

Me and Andre in downtown Lynchburg

Andre is hosting an amazing gala next month honoring great people in the community.

If you want to learn more about Andre Whitehead, he is an independent journalist in Central Virginia, go to 

Again a big thank you to these amazing men who I have done much to sharpen me. #ironsharpensiron

Love You, Love God More
Lauren Hope
Good Girl Chronicles