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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Sex Life of Jenny Blow: Love Doctors Part One

(This blog is fictional and mature in nature)

I apologize I have been away for so long. My book hit the New York Time’s best seller’s list, and my life has gotten so crazy. Everyone wants a piece of my time and my ass to be truthful. Men I never expected are throwing themselves at me, all because of my success. It is shallow and superficial and thank God I can see that. 

Today I am a believer in love doctors. I planned to write a blog about the man who reignited my sexual appetite again through phone sex. But since that encounter I’ve met two other men who have bolstered my sexual confidence, and our bodies have never met. I am serious people. I have not slept with any of these men, but I have had some amazing, orgasmic phone/facetime sex. 

I have talked dirty, sent naughty pics WITHOUT my face people, and moaned in ecstasy. Each of these men who have lead me down this path of sexual discovery I call ‘Love Doctors’ These are men whose sole purpose and desire is to please you, and love you back to life. They do exist. There was even an episode on Sex and the City about it. It's the episode where Charlottes dates a man named 'Mr. Pussy'. He is talented in eating women out. He is so good almost everywhere Charlottes goes she hears about this pussy eating man. She finally nabs the man and has a downtown session herself, and gets hooked. That is what good head will do for you ladies. That is how I can say with authority that Love Doctors exist. Sex and the City, the holy grail on sex in your 30’s, did an episode on it. 

I have had three love doctors in two months. Again, I have not sleep with, kissed, or caressed any of these men. I have fantasized, masturbated, and yearned for them. And, honestly from a woman who loves sex it has been freeing to feel so stimulated without physical contact. It prompted me to replace my vibrator, buy some lubricant, and fuck myself.

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