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Friday, June 24, 2016

#FineFellasFriday: Men Who Are Confident, Men Who Are Strong, A Man Like Keith Mac

#FINEFELLASFRIDAY: Men Who Slay, Men Who Are Confident, Men Who Are Strong

Keith Mac: What can I say about Keith Mac ? He's a total cool guy. He works for ESPN, he's met my ROLE MODEL DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON, he's a wrestler, he gives back, he has a cool, soul podcast, he's super cool. I mean I could go on and on about Keith Mac. We met when I was a young aspiring journalist at a National Association of Black Journalist conference. He quickly became a mentor and a friend. Over the years Keith would check in with a message saying "How's my favorite news reporter?" I always felt so cool getting those messages. Keith is the real deal in the friend department.

When I started to come out of my depression I had an intense desire to share my story. Keith is one of the people who read my story and offered to help. He stayed up on the phone with me on nights I had insomnia. He brainstormed with me on my next career move, and offered me comforting music from his podcast to calm my nerves. You're a true friend Keith and I'll never forget it. I'll have to come see you wrestle in person soon. Thanks for sharpening me.

Here is how you can reach Keith Mac: or

Bravo Fine Fellas knowing you has made me better!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#WomenWhoSlayWednesday: Brandi Stommel Zenzel "A Compassionate Leader"

Hey dolls it's Wednesday you know what that means, it's time to get in Fomation! Yes hunty that Beyonce song was about us girls. It's about empowerment, taking charge, being a #womenwhoslays. Why do you think the chorus is, "I slay?" Cause we do slay honey. Women are important! We're mothers, nurturers, friends, lovers, compassionate, listeners. I mean I could go on. We really do RUN THE WORLD as Beyonce once sang.

Even Tupac recognized it. When he said it in his song "Keep Ya Head Up" Ya know what he said about women, "Girl keep ya head up." That song is all about us ladies so LOVE YOURSELVES. It's what God wants us to do too.

That leads me to this week's #WOMANWHOSLAYS Brandi Stommel Zenzel. She gave me the  best Mary Kay makeover I've had since I was 16. Read about it here.

The makeup was amazing, but it was her spirit that really light up my soul. I needed so badly to feel heard and Brandi did that and more. She sharpened me just like it says in Proverbs 27:17 and that's what we're supposed to do dolls. After Brandi finished the Mary Kay makeup tutorial ( cause ladies this is about teaching you to do makeup not a free makeover kids.) Aftewards, I did a  Youtube page and a blog about Brandi and her presnce.  Then Brandi paid me the nicest compliment I've gotten all week. That is so #IRONSHARPENSIRON. Thanks Doll. Show Brandi some love on Facebook she slays, and she's a good person who really cares about the soul of people. Thanks chick glad BizConnect Hampton Roads brought us together. Can't wait to see what holds in the future for your relationship professionally and personally.

Thanks for sharpening me doll.. now let's do God's work.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Introducing A Woman of Grace: Jacquelyn Grace "Our Newest Contributor"

What's good Team Good Girl? I can't say enough about my newest contributor Jacquelyn Grace. I wrote about her in my latest #WOMENWHOSLAY post, and that doesn't even cover it. She is kind, tender, patient, sweet, and unafraid to tell her story of love. She also attended my latest shopping event at The Limited in Greenbrier Mall. She was so helpful to the customers and she totally understands #ironsharpensiron. Thank You Jacqueline for joining the team.

Good Girl Chronicles is going to work hard to make sure people hear your story, because we're in the business of storytelling. 

Jacquelyn Grace has an amazing blog called 'The Art In Myself' and we at Good Girl Chronicles will help her craft that message there as well. Here is the first of what I hope will be many amazing stories from Jacquelyn Grace.

Jacqueline's First Story: Romeo & Juilet

Can you really fall in love in one day? YES. 

90% of the world is probably quoting Elsa from Frozen saying that you can’t marry someone you just met, but…well…

(Whoops spoiler alert, but the story of Romeo & Juliet is public domain, right?)

Think about it. Romeo and Juliet are teenagers. Remember when you were a teenager and fell in love for the first time? Remember how it felt so good being with this person and you felt like this feeling would last forever? Left to your own devices, you probably WOULD have eloped (thanks to different state laws, there is an age of consent nowadays that prevents young, impulsive souls from eloping).

Now, some of you are saying, “Well, remember when that feeling went away? Remember how the divorce rate in the US has risen to roughly 50%?” YES. I DO. I remember my first love. I was 16. We fell hard, and we fell fast. Within a couple of weeks, we professed our love to each other and proclaimed we wanted to be with each other forever.

We felt like we were Romeo and Juliet. Our love was forbidden. My parents thought I was too young to have a boyfriend, and his parents were afraid having a girlfriend would ruin his grades.
Love conquers all, we told ourselves. Our love is too strong, we told each other. “Why don’t we run away?” we joked with each other. Too bad we didn’t have our own cars. Or enough money to be on our own. Or common sense. I fantasized about a day when we would be together with nobody to tell us no. Or where to go. Or say we’re only dreaming.
Ok I’m done with the Aladdin reference.

Anyway, it wasn’t too long before we fell out of love with each other. Well, actually, he fell out of love with me,and I was heartbroken and inconsolable, and THEN, in typical teenager fashion, he asked me to take him back three days afterwards and I told him no. We’ve moved on to falling truly, madly, deeply for other significant others since then. 

So yeah, as much as I do remember the giddiness and impulsiveness of my teenage romance, I also remember how quickly it all ended, which also made me wonder if Romeo and Juliet would have eventually fallen out of love if they lived longer. Or lived, period.

I like to think that they would have loved each other forever. Let’s put our cynicism aside and remember that in real life, there are couples who are in love until their dying day. They do exist. They’re not unicorns or anomalies.

And I’m not going to go into a speech about choosing love above all, putting love first, love is hard work, blah blah blah because we’ve heard it all.

Instead, I’m going to be honest and say that I tried to stop myself from crying when I saw the opera version of this play. I knew the story so I didn’t expect tears to run down my face, but I couldn’t help it.

“Why was I crying?” I asked myself. Because I remembered the feeling of falling in love, being in love. I wondered if I could ever love someone so much that I’d rather die than be without them. My cynical heart had taught itself to move on and get on with functioning in life. I had taught myself not to need anyone that badly lest I get hurt–and THAT was the real tragedy…that my heart hasn’t been as open as Romeo’s or Juliet’s since my teenage years.
I remember arguing with my parents. “Why can’t you approve of him? Don’t you remember what it’s like to be in love?”

Have we become too bitter? Too wise?

How about we just let people be in love? Love on, world. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, stop you from letting your heart be open. Perhaps if we allow ourselves to believe again in how magical love can be, we can find the kind of love, faithfulness and devotion that Romeo and Juliet had…except without the poison and daggers. 

Yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that.

What a great story. When I first read it I felt so many similarities to some of my loves in high school. Girl you've got the gift! Thank you for sharpening me doll. You are my Grace and I want to be your Hope! #letsslay #womenwhoslay #teamgoodgirlapproved #ironsharpensiron

Monday, June 20, 2016

#MAKEUPMONDAYS: Best Mary Kay Makeover I've Ever Had

Full disclosure I am not being paid by Mary Kay to do this post, but I have used Mary Kay off and on since I was sixteen. Last week though I had one of the best Mary Kay experiences of my life. I posted a 30 minute Youtube Video on it.

Fabulous Highlights:

  • I am loving Mary Kay's new colors - check out their catalog you'll see fun new lip stick colors, eye liner, and mascara
  • Fantastic Skin Care- good make up starts with good skin ! Mary Kay's Timewise is the check out the video to see why
  • Consultant Brandi ROCKS, she gave me the most helpful tips and let me apply the makeup myself so I could learn how to do a glam look.
  • I discovered Color Correction or CC Cream - it's a must do for the summer (see the video for why)
  • Mary Kay is super affordable. I shop a lot of brands of Mary Kay is competitive in pricing. 

My Fast and in a Hurry Glam Makeover

I told my Mary Kay Consultant Brandi that I needed a look that gave me great coverage but still looked glam! This is what we used:

-Timewise skin care: 3-In-1 Cleanser, Age-Fighting Moisturizer, Day Solution Suncreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 (pricing on website)

- Color Correcting Cream- Mary Kay CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 $20

-Mary Kay Eyeshadow, False Lashes
-Lipgloss - Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss $15, 

Feeling myself in this easy glam look

If you love this fun quick look go to 


Gosh I had so much fun doing this today! Thanks again Mary Kay, and Brandi. #womenwhoslay

Friday, June 17, 2016

Fine Fellas Friday: Tim S. 'One of the Best Story Tellers I Know'

FINE FELLAS FRIDAYS: A man who weaves stories gracefully. He is a balanced story-teller, and has a graceful heart ! #heslays

Tim  : As a former television journalist I liked to say, “I live for facts. I live for the truth.” Well here is the truth about Tim, he is one of the best reporters Central Virginia has to offer. He is professional, and hard-hitting in his pursuit of the truth, balanced, accurate, an industry leader. With all this talent one would understand if Tim had a chip on his shoulder, but I quickly learned competing alongside him, he is one of the most humble people you will ever meet. 

I met Tim  as a rookie reporter in Lynchburg, Virginia. Tim works for the number one station in the market, and I discovered I’d be covering his beat, Bedford County. My News Director said Bedford County was one of of the largest counties in the Lynchburg/Roanoke television market and for years it was also one of the toughest to win in ratings in large part due to Tim.

Tim grew up in Bedford County, and knew everyone from the Mayor to the hometown business owner like family. To say I was intimidated to compete against Tim is an understatement. I did what anyone with a competitive spirit would do; I went to Bedford County, walked the streets, talked to the people, got their names, got their address, made them cookies, brought them donuts. This is not bribery it’s relationship building, and I knew to beat Tim I had to work harder than I ever had in my career up until that point. This blog is not about me, but this competition slowly started making me a better journalist. I could come into Bedford County, and I’d hear people say, “COMPTON! Good to see you.” ( Lauren Compton is my legal name, and the name I went by on-air in Bedford County). It felt good.

 I thought Tim would be snobby about me encroaching on this territory. I can’t tell you how many times Tim and I would show up to the same story and we’d laugh. 

“Ah here’s Tim,” I’d say, “I guess better put on my ‘A’ game.” Tim would laugh and throw a joke back. That type of mutual respect and healthy competition made us both better. I know for a fact that whenever Tim saw me or I saw Tim we both know we had to work harder. That is the essence of Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another.” We were both becoming better reporters because of the other. It was a beautiful thing, and something I think all journalists in competitive markets can learn from. We’re all chasing the same story, we’re all going for the same interviews so why don’t we all show each other respect and love in the process. 

Oh, and did I mention Tim is a one-man band? It’s a term people in the television news business use to describe someone who does it all.  Tim shoots his own video, edits it, writes his own stories, and then somehow presents compelling stories on-air five days a week. I’ll be honest with you I don’t know if I could do it. I was a one-man band when I worked for MTV’s Choose or Lose and I know how challenging it can be.  So major kudos to Tim. I say this often, but I could write a novel about how wonderful Tim is, but then it would be the Tim Saunders blog and not ‘Fine Fellas Friday’. Just know Tim I love and respect you. I’m so grateful that of all the reporters in Central Virginia I was paired against you. I’m a better story-teller because of it.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#WomenWhoSlayWednesday: A Woman of Grace

On Wednesdays we honor fabulous, great woman. Today, we honor 'A Woman of Grace'. A woman whose middle name is Grace and she is amazing. I did not have time to do a full write up on her so I did a YouTube post on her.

She believes in my business Good Girl Chronicles, and I believe in her. It is the epitome of Proverbs 27:17 "Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.


Check out how amazing Grace is on my Youtube Page. Kind of ironic right? That I met a woman whose middle name is Grace and it's all I ask God for everyday. Life is beautiful that way and so is God. Watch, listen and praise Grace. She is about to write for Good Girl Chronicles and she has amazing stories of love and relationships. I love her voice, writing, and calmness. She SLAYS!

Monday, June 13, 2016

#MakeupMondays: My Emotional Tie to Makeup

#MAKEUPMONDAYS on this day Good Girl Chronicles celebrates the art of makeup. Tips, tricks, you tubers, sales, deals you name it I wanna find it. Today is a throwback to my news makeup days. I'm showing this video because I feel my makeup looks good in it. Clean, professional, simple and it highlights my good features. It took me a long time to find this balance. 

This Makeup Monday is all about my television news makeup. I am sharing a video of a story I did as a reporter at WAVY News 10 with journalist Art Kohn. 

I am also sharing the video cause it's one of  my favorite Oceanfront stories. Art is an incredible military journalist. He suggested we go talk to some VB people for this story when I didn’t see the value. It was a good thing we did. They added to the story. It is also shoot so well. But's that classic Art. He was a one man band and knows how to tell a story with the sense.

Lastly, this is one of my last stories at WAVY. After this aired I sunk into my darkest depression. By May I had my first suicide attempt, and by July I was gone. That is my truth and I am making peace with it. I had so much promise as a journalist and it all gone in an instance. God I cry when I think about that sometimes. 

I have to believe that God has a bigger and better plan for me. In fact I know He does. I see it every single day in the people I meet, the stories they tell me, and my business slowly taking off. Thank you all for sharpening me. Thank you for sticking around for the messy, ugly parts of my recovery. Thank you for cheering and praising me when things are good, and always telling me to keep writing. It is my spiritual gift I believe and your support keeps me going. It is my hope my parents see the pure intent in my heart and what my business Good Girl Chronicles is doing. 

Honestly God tells me daily like Kanye West 'Touch the Sky’, “I’m sky high, I’m sky high, I’m I’m sky high…..” One day I’ll share with you all why I love the old Kayne West so much. And, why I still feel like there is hope for the new married Kardashian, Kanye West too. But this song embodies a lot of what I feel about my dreams, black women, Kanye, music…just so much. BTW I’m a music head if you didn’t know.

This Makeup Monday is an emotional one for me. It is more than I expected to write or say on the matter of makeup. But that is the power of makeup. It has the power to disguise, enhance, highlight, contour, emphasize. I could go on. I loved learning about makeup in the news business, but it was a disguise to my real pain, my real struggle, and my real inner battle to accept my body, shape, face, skin, and look. This is why I post about Makeup Mondays. It is much more than giving you advice or highlight good products. Even if a lot of the ones are use are Kardashian based. There’s a reason I use those too. I hope you all enjoy these post about makeup. Tell me what you would like me to try, blog, or Youtube about. I love interacting with you online!

Happy #MakeupMonday

Friday, June 10, 2016

#WomenWhoSlay: Confident, Comforters: Rachel S, Sally Delta, Antoinette R, Khloe K

Body Confident, Comforting Women
To the women who teach me to love my shape and myself

One day a few years ago I was looking for a scripture to send to one of my best girlfriends. I wanted something that described how much I had grown as a person knowing her, and I found Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another.” It captured our friendship so perfectly. Because of Rachel I became a better reporter, friend, and I learned to love my quirky personality. She loved my loud laugh, my flirtatious ways, my love of God, my crazy dog, and my big heart. She watched my reporter demo reels, gave me good, honest feedback, and always listen when I needed her. She was one of the only people in Lynchburg who knew I was struggling with depression and anxiety. She loved me anyway. I could write a novel about how loving, caring, comforting, and kind Rachel is. So this week I honor a few women who like Rachel taught me to love myself, and sharpen me in ways I never knew. Love you Rachel AKA Ivory always and forever.

Rachel S AKA Ivory : Rachel and I instantly clicked when I met her at WSET in Lynchburg. She is fun, beautiful, one of the smartest women I know, and has a heart of gold. I am often intimidated by beautiful women, but Rachel always made me feel just as gorgeous as her. Her confidence is contagious. Hanging with her made me feel fabulous, sexy, and free. Aside from our professional respect for each other Rachel was and is one of my best friends. I learned so much about myself working along side her, and slaying the streets of Lynchburg whenever we had money to go out. We were two broke reporters,
with great fashion sense, and a sense of adventure. Rachel took our little paycheck and made it slay. She cooked for me, and bought me wine when I was broke in the wallet or the heart. Like I said I could write a novel about how much I love and respect this woman. Just know she’s fabulous and is the epitome of a good girlfriend. I am so happy she has found the man of her dreams and is continuing to slay in her professional life. Love you doll. Ebony & Ivory Forever

Sally Delta: Ya’ll let me just say Sally Delta slays.  When I first met her I was like, “Damn this woman is beautiful.” She didn’t have on any makeup just her honey, blonde hair, milky skin, freckles, and a smile that could make any man blush. I thought to myself, “There is no way this chick and I are going to have anything in common. She’s a totally “pretty girl” and I am a Tomboy trying to be cute.” 
Me, Sally, and my Fine Fella Jemon Haskin

I was so wrong. Like Rachel I worked with Sally at a WSET-ABC 13 News in Lynchburg. Sally was a news photographer and honestly there are not a whole lot of those. The equipment is heavy, and the work is hard. But that chick handled herself with the best of them. Not only that the girl can write, act, model, you name it Sally Delta can do it.  Even more amazing than her work ethic, is her personality and her kind heart. She is from Appommatox, Virginia and every bit the Southern Belle. Her love knows no boundaries. She has black friends, white friends, model friends, regular janes like me. We shared so much as co-workers and friends. I still remember one of her favorite songs by Katy Perry ‘Teenage Dream’, it fits her so well. Sally like Rachel has found the man of her dreams and they are expecting their first child. Love you doll to the moon and back. When Lolo gets some money she’s coming to Cali to visit the Kelly family. I love me some Pippa (Her adorable Westie)

Antoinette R.: When I worked in news in Hampton Roads,  Antoinette was the competition. We met through mutual friends, and soon found ourselves discussing news, love, life and Jesus on a regular basis. I love her so much for supporting me in my valley and as I climb back to my peak. I am learning not a lot people can or will do that for you. But, Antoinette is one of those ride or die friends. She does not ask for praise or thanks. I am a better journalist, and friend for having known her. She is so talented, funny, beautiful, and kind. Even better she loves Jesus. Whenenver we are together I feel so spiritually feed. I am weary of churches because of some tough moments I’ve had as Southern Baptist, but Antoinette reminds me there are Christians who love you where you’re at. Like the woman at the wall in the book of John, Antoinette loves you when you’re weak and when you’re strong. She loves you when you’re slaying and when you’re slumming. She praises you when it counts, and advises you when you need it. Thanks for being you. I am so grateful God brought you in my life. There are not enough words to thank you for sharpening me. #ironsharpensiron. I know in my heart God has amazing things planned for you. Your dreams matter. He hears them and because you delight in Him he wants to give them to you #psalms37:4

Khloe Kardashian: Now I know people are going to hate on me for putting Khloe on here. The Kardashian brand is very polarizing. You either love them or you hate them. I do not hide the fact that I love them. They make me laugh, make mistakes in love like me, and they’re some of the best business women on reality television. I’ve blogged about them on several occasions, but today I’m blogging about Khloe because she’s one of my ‘Body Confidence Role Models’. I have always thought Khloe was beautiful. She was the tall, curvy one in the Kardashian trio and I loved it. She wore body con (tight fitted) dresses even as a thick chick. I could on about how much I love her personality, or how open she is about her love life, but I’ll save that for another blog. 

Not only do I admire Khloe's body confidence I admire her strength in the face of adversity. When things hit the rocks between her and Lamar she turned to the gym for therapy. I know this because I read her book ‘Strong is Better Naked’. It’s a self help book that focuses on fitness, confidence, and starting over. Well in the book Khloe explains why she started hitting the gym. She found solace on the elliptical, and over time started to shed pounds. The gym became her therapy, and in there she found an inner and outer strength she didn’t know was possible. I know this feeling because when I was 135, running every other day, and living the Weight Watchers lifestyle I felt amazing. I am working to getting back to that. Khloe’s transformation reminded me working out is for me, not to please some man, conform to the media’s image of beauty, or to wear a certain outfit. Koko (khloe’s nickname) reminds me that being healthy is sexy. Bible, she inspires me. I see you girl, and Lolo is coming for you. Right now, all I can do is power walk because my feet get swollen, but I am working on my fitness as Fergie says. Thanks for reminding me the beauty and the power of being healthy. #youslaydoll #womenwhoslay

MAD LOVE to Rachel, Antoinette, Sally and Khloe for sharpening me in your own way. Love you dolls!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Lolo Is Slaying & Now the Press is Calling: YAS HUNTY YA GIRL IS BACK

Lolo Is Slaying 
The Press is Calling: 

An Exciting Week for Lolo’s company Good Girl Chronicles

God wasn’t kidding when He said in Isaiah, “I will bring you beauty for your ashes.” 
I am still licking the wounds of my last depressive episode that lasted nearly two years. There are days when I get down, and want to sleep all day but God tells, “You are more than a conqueror.” Then, I get up take my anti-depressant, take quiet time, write on my blog, connect with people on social media, and I thank God for giving me another day. I’ve been in recovery, something I’ve heard a lot of depressed people say when they are heathy, since January.
 Since then I have opened my business Good Girl Chronicles in Chesapeake, Va, reconnected with my amazing friends, traveled, love and lost. More importantly I’ve grown closer to God in ways I never knew. Right now, I  am dealing with some heartbreaking challenges. My family and I are at odds over how I choose to live, and my business. I’ve had to let go of people I thought were friends, and a man I cared about broke my heart with his words. But, I am more than a conqueror or as the kids say, “I slay” so it’s onward and upward.

God is blessing me with some amazing opportunities this week, and I want to share.

FIRST RADIO INTERVIEW: This Tuesday I am scheduled to be on a radio show called ‘The Fuego Show’ on WFBS. Check them out at  I am open to discussing everything about my new journey: my life after news, my depression and recovery, my business Good Girl Chronicles, my crazy hectic love life, and my love of social media.

LOLO @SKYBARVA - I believe in enjoying the fruits of your labor so this Wednesday I’ll be celebrating the success of my blog Good Girl Chronicles at a place called ‘The SkyBar’ at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, VA. I’ve blogged about them the first time I went in an entry called 'LOLO's Bar Confessions', and it was an amazing time. I’ll be there from 10 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Ladies get in free from 10:00 p.m. to midnight so come on dolls, let’s get cute, throw on some rouge, and let’s slay.

LOLO GIVES BACK: This weekend I’ll be back in one of my favorite cities in the commonwealth, Lynchburg, Virginia. It is a little slice of heaven in Central Virginia. I was a reporter there from 2009 to 2012 and I’ve made some amazing friends, and in short time I fell in love with the area. This Saturday June 11th I’ll be at an amazing placed called Lynchburg Daily Bread. They serve hot, nutritious lunches 7 days a week for the area’s homeless. According to their website, in 2015 they serve more than 47,000 meals. SO AMAZING WHAT THEY DO. It’s in keeping with one of my favorite scriptures Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another.” That is why I will be giving them my time, and donating supplies. Message me if you want to help.

LOLO 1st Gala: This Saturday I’ve been invited to attend a gala in Lynchburg called ‘Honored’. My dear friend  Jemon Haskins, and Donna Beeler Hensley are among the wonderful people being celebrated. I haven’t been to a black tie affair EVER so I’m so stoked I got the invite. I will be posting pictures and video to my new website which will be live this weekend.

If you want to get involved in the movement that is Good Girl Chronicles contact me on social media or by email 

As always thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support.
Good Girl Chronicles is in the business telling stories. I am brave enough to tell mine, let me help you tell yours.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#WomenWhoSlayWednesday: OVERCOMERS-Remy, Yolanda,Shannon

Women who are overcomers and comforters 

    A Dog named Remy, A soul sista named Yolanda, and my Ace Shannon 

I’ve been blessed to know some incredible women, and those women have stepped up in my time of need. There is turmoil in my family right now over how I choose to live my life and my business post depression. It is messy and I am still hurt by all of it. All I know is that I love them I always will but now it is time for me to create some distance between us. I need to go venture into the world for a while, love a little, get heart broken, hustle hard for my dream, learn God for myself, and try to love life in the process. Oh and keep my depression and anxiety in check which is a battle everyday. I am making it. Ive been ceremoniously locked out of my parents house where I was staying for a week now, and I’m making it. WHY? Because of my fabulous girlfriends some old, some new, all fabulous. Thank you for sharpening me and loving me in my valley. I will conquer this. I will be independent again and when I am fully restored trust me we’re all going to party and celebrate God’s grace.

Without future ado here are the 3 women giving me life this week.

Remy, the Dog - This is more about Remy’s owner than her. Her owner is more private than me so I’m using her dog to represent her. But I’ve known this girl since my teen years. She is kind, sweet, and always gives it to me straight. She has been helping  me a lot to with a place to crash, prayers, food, and encouragement. Her dog is the same way. She’s a good fur mommy too.
Me & Remy chilling

Yolanda, my soul sister - I met Yolanda at a friend’s house warming party. I never imagined she would become one of my best friends. We talk a lot and she’s super positive and full of life. We may not always agree but we always love each other at the end. That’s a real soul sista. So glad God brought you in my life.

OMG she slays so hard and she has a HUGE heart
and loves Jesus
Shannon Nicole Foy, my ace, my interview buddy, the woman I want to be my maid of honor if I ever decide to marry.




Here’s why