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Friday, January 22, 2016

REVISED: What's Your Theme Song "Booty Gives Me Life"

If you know me, then you know I’m a huge music head. Some people don’t understand this but I feel like God speaks to me through music, all kinds of music. I listen to pop, rap, hip-hop, some rock, country, the list goes on. Recently God touched my heart when I heard Carrie Underwood's song 'Heartbeat. Listen to this song, it’s simply beautiful. There is an awesome music video, but I will post the lyric video so you can read the words. They are so beautiful. I want a man to love me man this way.


My favorite part is the chorus, ‘Tonight I wanna so far we’ll only hear static on the radio’ Now to me she’s saying let’s go somewhere no one can find us and just be together. We’ll go so far there is no radio reception and,’ We can’t see those city lights. And I love the way you look in the a fireglow.’ 

That means we push out the worldly things, the distractions, and we just enjoy each other in the glow of fire. Ah I am melting right now. I could go and on about that song.  


I say this to say that everyone has a song or several songs that speak to their life. And recently I’ve started to think of them as theme songs. You know when you are watching a movie, and sometimes actors have a song that comes on when they walk into the room?  It’s like when the heroine in the film first sees her love interest. Sometimes it is slow, or fast but there is usually music that illustrates the feelings going on in the scene. No surprise that I love movie soundtracks. A few of my favorite are ‘Soul Food, Think Like a Man, and Waiting to Exhale’. Great soundtracks if you like love songs and R&B.

So what is your theme song? Is it something that illustrates your life, captures a moment in time, reminds you of a loved one, or makes you feel fabulous and sexy? I have several but I will only share the ones in heavy rotation right now.


1.)    Blessed by Jill Scott.  Favorite line “Woke in the morning feeling fresh to def I’m so blessed. Yes! Yes! Went to sleep stressed woke up refreshed I’m so blessed. Yes! Yes!” Who doesn’t carry the weight of the world on them when they go to bed, but when you wake up, and focus on your blessings it’s all good. I have to show the video on this one because it plays a big role in why I love this song. Here is this beautiful plus size woman owning her figure. I so need to do that right now. I know many of you have heard me complain about my new weight gain, and I’m trying to own but it feels so uncomfortable. But I am working on it. I’ve already lost close to 10 pounds in a month. I’m so blessed.


2.)    Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld – This song speaks to my soul. And I feel God is trying to show me how to love myself, without a man, and without a television career to put me in the public eye, and with all the haters out there. ( trust me yall I have them just like you. You have no idea.) This song is such a great pop track, and the message is right on point.  Hailee says, “When I get chills at night, I feel it deep inside without you , yeah.  Know how to satisfy. Keeping that tempo right without you, yeah.” What I take from this and you may read something different; home girl is saying she doesn’t need a man or anyone else to be with her at night. She keeps her own tempo.  Yes she gets cold at night without a man, but shes’ alright. I need to hear this because in the past I have relied on men for confidence and that stops in 2016. It has to come within. I have also come to know Hailee is talk about "self love" in this song, and that's alright with me too. In the end how you feel about your looks, love, or sexuality has to come from the inside. And well know only God can judge me.  Cause if your confidence lies in man it will let you down. (That’s another thing I know to be true so well.) "


       Pictures in my mind on replay, I’m gonna touch the pain away. I know how scream my own name.” This chick is like yes the past hurt me, and sometimes I do replay it in mind, but ultimately I brush that off my shoulder. Then it gets better she says,” I’ll scream my own name.” Basically Hailee says I don’t need anyone else to promote me or shout for me (namely a man) I’ll do it myself. Now for me I believe God screams my name when I walk with Him. And because of him yes, I don’t need a man to give me my confidence.


3.)    Booty by Jlo Now I know I’m going to get some flack for this last one, but I don’t care. It’s my theme song not yours. Moving on. Jlo ‘Booty’ is my jam right now and it is on heavy rotation. 

Jlo asks, “Have you seen her? On the dance floor. She got the boom, shake the room, that’s the lighting and the thunder.” Look this may not make sense, but many of you know I am self conscience about my weight gain. I’ve written past blogs about it, I laugh about it, but underneath I hate this so much. But listening to this song I’m like, ‘Wait a minute do men like this? Ok I need to maybe shake it a little, appreciate my curves and enjoy myself. No one cares Lauren that you gained weight.

       Jlo continues, “You wanna meet her, you wanna touch her. See the lights in her eyes it makes you wonder.” Now I know this song is also about loving big booties. But it is also about owning your curves. It is. It’s all about confidence . Confidence is sexyand appealing. Gosh I love this song, I’m going to play it after this blog is done.


So now I’m asking all of you-What is your theme song? The song that moves you, touches you, motivates you? We all have them, some like myself have more than others. Think about why this song speaks to you and really listen to the lyrics. I’ll leave you with a few others without video or explanation and let’s discuss what do you hear in these songs. I love a healthy debate. Love you all dearly, Love God more.


My other theme songs


Dance like We’re Making  Love- Ciara (holla Russell Wilson. Homegirl is trying to hold onto to the cookie)


Music to My Soul- Ceeloo Green- (saw this on that ratchet show Love and Hip Hop. I still watch it though)


Good to be Alive – Andy Grammar- (self explanatory)


XO- Beyonce- (another one of my love songs. I can see you in the crowd says B. Ahh man when will my man see me in the crowd, and pick me from everyone else?)


Feel Your Love –Grace Memo- (I heard this on Love and Hip Hop too)


Shame-Tyrese (um why wasn’t this man nominated for a Grammy. This song--- oh my goodness. The first time I heard it I almost melted in a public restaurant. That song, those lyrics, his lips, that bald head; I was transported into his words.

Photo taken by : Dominique Harris 


A day I felt fun, sexy, and free--- and bumped into this guy I had a huge crush---  Miss you chicks-- we were hot and fabulous

Friday, January 15, 2016

Thanks for the Love

Listen y'all listen. Y'all have shown me so much love it hurts. And I been praying for comfort. So here I am. Y'all know I gotta go to Lynchburg to see my pastor, my friends, love a man that don't know he needs it, and put my life on track. Some of y'all know I went 'Through the Wire' like Kanye West last year.

God is rebuilding me everyday and I will dance again. I love to dance y'all and God said wait baby girl, it's coming. When I started on this journey again, a friend s...aid go read Colossians. I couldn't understand it. And then my friend sent me this: 'Long ago the LORD said to Israel:" I have loved my people , with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself. I'LL REBUILD YOU my Israel. You will be happy and dance merrily with your tambourine."

Look family I have never played a tambourine-- yall know I tried clarinet in high school. But I love to dance. God is really saying you will be happy and joyus agaain. I needed these past two days Shelly thank you. I learned a lot.
I'm just about ready to talk about 'Finding a Theme Song' I have three y'all One them is one a lot of you know.

'Woke in the morning feeling fresh to death I'm so blessed , yes yes"
"Went to sleep stressed, woke up refreshed I'm so blessed"
The woman who sang this was on the shows 'Being Mary Jane' this season. And honestly as a new plus size woman I was so happy they made her sexy.
Alright yall I gotta go have some tea--- and I'll get to work on the 'Theme Song' blog. You will laugh when you hear my favorite one.

The answer is : Jill Scott

Be Blessed