Monday, May 2, 2016

Loving Lynchburg: Lolo Parties Part Two

I was eating at a cool restaurant called 'Market at Main' in downtown Lynchburg when a man overhead me talking about my crazy weekend in downtown Lynchburg.

"Nightlife? Lynchburg has no nightlife," he shouted

"Well sir I am sorry to tell you this but Lynchburg's night life is alive and thriving. I went to two dance parties this weekend, stayed at a hotel with people from Charlottesville, D.C., Richmond, and elsewhere who came for an insane paint party downtown this weekend. So yes the nightlife is here and it is here to stay," I responded.

That was a long response. What was I doing giving him a news report on the Lynchburg night life? I guess I was and honestly I've been doing that here, Hampton Roads, and Richmond. Every chance someone mentions Lynchburg I find myself talking about the nightlife. As a Virginia Beach girl who loves to parties, Lynchburg is becoming a destination. And for all the promoters I know this is good news that a Virginia Beach girl is willing to travel to shake her groove thing in the Hill City. Bravo to the people transforming downtown. I spoke with a promoter a few weeks back and shared with me the great developments in downtown Lynchburg. He also shared that they are courting college students, young professionals, basically people who will spend money downtown and bring all their friends. Well I can see it happening, and I honestly think it's great of the city. Bravo Hill City-- keep at it.

Well back to the soap opera that is my life. Where were we? Yes, Saturday. Well like I mentioned in my previous blog I took a fun photo shoot with some news friends. I need as many new pictures I can get to feature on my new website It is going live in a month and I want the world to be in love with my pictures, my videos, my stories, and my heart. I've been working hard to produce good content, content worth paying $1.99 a month for. I'll have exclusive videos on stories I'm working on, news about the business Good Girl Chronicles, of course my love life, pictures, and some other great ideas coming down the pipeline. Sign up for to jump on board.

Anyways--- like I said I had a fun photo shoot with my news friends and I think you're gonna love the pictures can't wait till they are done. After that I went to watch a friend of mine wrestle off U.S. 29 in Lynchburg. It was freaking amazing. I am a WWE fan. I stopped watching when The Rock left, but I still respect and love the industry. I watch 'Total Divas' on E, and catch a few matches when I can so I jumped at the chance to see some live wrestling. Man it was incredible. My mouth was on the floor. My friend's character is named Corey Black, and he was up against some pretty boy. I don't remember his name but the two of them fought hard. I know wrestling is choreographed, but the moves looks painful and very, very real. Man I was hella proud to be his friend. The place that offers the wrestling is called Strong Style wrestling and they train wrestlers. They also put on amazing shows. Trust me Corey Black I'll be back and I'll bring friends. Maybe I'll have my camera equipment then and I'll shoot a story for Good Girl Chronicles.

Saturday night Lolo wanted to dance so I found myself back at Dish, the chic restaurant that turns into a dance hall after 10:00 p.m., and just like last time the crowd was hype. I stood by the bar and I people watched. There were some fine men in there. I flirted with a tall white guy with rhythm (cause sometimes they don't. Not being racist!) He bought me a drink, and we laughed together. Later a super sexy, sultry Colombian walked up next to me. I saw him in the corner of my eye sipping a drink.

"Why aren't you dancing? You could show these girls a thing or two," he whispered in my ear.

"I like to people watch, plus my butt is big and I don't want to draw attention to myself," I responded. (LOL why am I so honest)

"Too late honey! Let me get you a drink." Classic playboy move. The Colombian wanted to get me toasted.  Quite the contrary. The Colombian came back with he drink and proceeded to pepper me with questions. Where do you work? What do you do for fun? Why are you in the burg? I mean I was on a job interview. But, this spoke volumes. The Colombian wanted to know all about Lolo and that was hella sexy. He told me about his parents, their amazing marriage, his life back in Florida, his time at Liberty University. He made me laugh, and complimented me over and over. I was intoxicated with his attention.

"You look like you have great lips," I said whispered in his ear. (Who says that? Lolo does.) In that moment in a loud, crowded club 'The Colombian' leaned over and kissed me. It was one of those slow, intense kisses just like the movies.  It was Usher's 'Good Kisser' in real life, a dose of 'Candy Rain'. It was magic. When it was over 'The Colombian' smiled.

"You're a good kisser. Tell me again why don't you have a boyfriend?"

"I don't know I'm chasing the dream Colombian."

"Can I have your number?" HELL YES!  The Colombian and I chatted for hours that night. It didn't even matter that my Pretty Young Thing ex was obviously trying to make me jealous that night. He came in with two girls, ignored me, and proceeded to grind on both the girls right next to me. Lolo has no time for boys. It's laughable how hard he tried to get my attention. Men are stupid sometimes.  Sunday is really irrelevant after that. All I did was stroll around Lynchburg and look at all the new stuff on Wards Road, a main thoroughfare in Lynchburg. It was incredible. I finished the night chatting with a girlfriend, and thinking about 'The Colombian'. City Hall is old news for now.  Lolo is a free agent until she finds a man who is worthy. To my amazement 'The Colombian' has texted twice since Saturday night..... things could get interesting... and maybe I'll have more reasons to come back to the burg other than the thriving night life. Here's hope. Love you Lynchburg.

Lauren Hope
P.S. I finally got to see the P.Diddy of Lynchburg, man who is a big mover and shaker in the burg. It was cool We caught up, he laughed at my crazy weekend, and we vowed to talk again.

Thank P.Diddy Take that ! TAKE THAT!

Loving Lynchburg: Lolo Parties Part One

Man I've had an incredible weekend in Lynchburg. I'm not surprised though. When I lived here a few years ago I always remember having the most fun on weekends. I am your typical Virginia Beach girl. I love dancing at the Oceanfront, drinks with girlfriends, laughing over silly stuff, putting on a  sexy outfit and slaying the town. VIRGINIA  BEACH GIRLS ROCK and we LOVE TO PARTY. So when I first moved to Lynchburg I had an immediate culture shock. The mountains, the small town feel, everyone asking me if I had a church home it was too much. I honestly couldn't wait to leave. For about a year and some change I was counting down the days till my television contract expired. But, something happened .... I slowly fell in love with Lynchburg. Then I met one of my best friends Jade (She's featured in Beauty & The Cute Girl) and together we painted the town PINK ( not red we're are more PINK girls if you ask me) just about every payday. We were broke reporters so we had to make the money stretch. But, in Lynchburg it doesn't take much to party like a G so we often ended up dancing, drinking, watching roller derby, flirting with boys, or going to wineries and getting our Sex and the City  on. My God we SLAYED so hard it hurt. So it comes as no surprise that I had one of the best weekends of my year this weekend in Lynchburg.
Church signs like this are typical in Lynchburg.
I love it.

In a nutshell : I went dancing two nights in a row, stayed out till 4 a.m., flirted with a singer from a local R&B group, met a hot Colombian, saw a live wrestling match, ate some amazing food, met a financial adviser who wants to help my business, saw some old t.v friends, got free drinks from some hot men, took some fun pictures--- ok let me just get to the story.

Monument Terrace Veterans
I got in on a Friday afternoon.  As I was driving around the city, I remembered it was Monument
Monument Terrace
Terrace Veterans Friday. Every Friday, Veterans from all over come and stand at the bottom of a long row of steps in Lynchburg. It's called Monument Terrace. The veterans hold flags, trade war stories, and greet people. They have been doing this for over 750 weeks. As a television reporter this always amazed me. Not that they were standing out there but that they were sharing their stories, living in the Heart of Virginia, and being brave enough to share their stories. I am glad now that I am out of the business and I will get to help them more. It's incredible what these men and women do. I pulled over, talked to some veterans, snapped some pictures, donated some money, and ended up reuniting with some old friends. I connected with Steve
Bozeman, an veteran himself, a 60 something marathon runner, and a great asset to the community. We vowed to stay in touch, and I extended my help where I could.  I also bumped into Andre Whitehead (I can use their names because they are both public figures who I know are ok with me using it.)  Andre and I have worked together in the past. He has a local production company in Lynchburg that is devoted to telling positive news in the community. I respect the heck out of that. He also highlighted one of my favorites stories in my career about swimming and the black community. The exposure meant a lot, and it helped me to take my message of the importance of learning to swim across the community. Thank you Andre.

Me and Earl Washington (Monument Terrace Vet)

I have more pictures on my Facebook page: (they are public. The album is called 'This is Lynchburg')

A Night with Apple Butter Soul
I wasn't sure what to do for the evening, but I remembered that on weekends this chic restaurant
Apple Butter
Sorry ladies at least two of them are married
named Dish turns into a dance party after 10 p.m. To my surprise my favorite Lynchburg band 'Apple Butter' was playing that night. Ladies let me tell you. These men are FINE, SEXY even. I don't go to their performances because of this but hey it doesn't hurt. I've even tried to date one of the singers in the band (HARD) but it just hasn't worked out. Nothing on his part we just didn't make the love connection, but the dates were super nice, he attended a wedding with me once and was the perfect gentleman. (these are the type of dating situations I love)

Apple Butter has a large following in Lynchburg so Dish was packed. I had some Malibus, awkwardly ran into an ex of mine (My first 'Pretty Young Thing' no less. We flirted, exchanged numbers and that's all that happened with that. His lost right?), I saw some fierce dolls that I love Beth and Adrienne who I adore. We hugged, danced, and told each other how fabulous we are. Love positive women. Then when the night was over me and a few band members of Apple Butter talked. Charles, the bass player, and I are good friends. We talked about almost anything love, God, dreams, and their upcoming shows. I love these guys and hanging with them makes me feel like I'm rubbing elbows with the A list celebrities of Lynchburg (Ya know what it's exactly like that) Like I mentioned earlier, I tried to date a singer in the group, I'll call him Sexual Chocolate cause everyone else does. He made me laughed, serenaded me, and I remembered why I tried to date him in the first place. Oh God I hope I don't start a fire storm of Facebook stalkers. Maybe that wouldn't be bad for the band HAHAH! Anyway Charles Bailey IV (the guy I featured in Fine Fellas Friday) was amazing as usual. His thoughts on love are deep, and then he read my palm. He told me one day I'd get married, I'd have an intense love, and I'd be successful. I don't know about no palm reading, but I do know God sends people to tell us about ourselves sometimes. In that moment, in a cleared out restaurant I cried. I thought God, "Is this really what you have for me?" It felt right, and I know Charles is right. I will have a good marriage and an intense love... in God's timing... Meanwhile--- LOLO is gonna slay honey and date some around. Thanks for the amazing night Apple Butter it was one for the books. Wanna play at my website launch party too? (fingers crossed they say yes) 

Pics With Friends
Saturday was one for the books too. Since I worked in Lynchburg as a television reporter I have a lot of friends still in the business. I told a former news photographer friend (He now works with a college in the area) of mine that I needed new photos for my website. He agreed to snap a few shots with his friend who is also a photographer from a Lynchburg university. Little did I know I was about to find a kindred spirit, a man who understood hip and rap, and who I feel is my long lost black relative.

In respect for their jobs, I'll give them both nicknames. Pablo, my news photographer friend, brought me to my black brother 's house (the other photographer from a Lynchburg university. Is this making sense? It will soon I promise.)
I love my news friends. So sad he shaved this off.

Part two coming up it includes my picture day... meeting the Colombian, bumping into an ex at Dish (WHYYY), a shirt with 'I SLAY' on it, and a late night kiss in a loud club.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fine Fellas Friday: Allen "Apollo" Choice, RJ, Charles Bailey IV

Gosh I love Fine Fellas Friday. As I discover what my business can do and the type of brand I want in Hampton Roads, Virginia I am realizing that ultimately I want to praise people. I want people to walk away from Good Girl Chronicles feeling light, love, and empowered. I want them to use those feelings to write their stories, make their mark on social media, and then go help someone else. That is just the tip of what I want Good Girl Chronicles to do so I love this part of my job, praising good people.

This week I have three Fine Fellas to praise: Allen "Apollo" Choice (a former #mancrushmonday of mine), Charles Bailey IV, and RJ Nelson.  Man these men are killing it in love, their professions, their faith, and their grind. All things I love about a good man.

Charles Bailey IV: Full disclosure I have only met Charles once in real life. I went to Lynchburg a
few weeks ago to party and blog about the nightlife (YES they have ONE!). Anyway, I bumped into Charles as I was walking out of DISH, a swanky restaurant in Lynchburg, and I was immediately struck by his sense of humor and charm. Turns out Charles is a member of a Lynchburg band that I adore called, 'Apple Butter'. DISH turns into a dance hall after 10:00 p.m. on Saturdays, so Charles and I were yelling at each other in the restaurant. But even in the noise I learned a lot about Charles; his life, his passion, his interest in women, and he even complimented me. We've been Facebook friends ever since.

Charles and I joke that we should have a talk show about love cause we differ a lot yet we always have a good healthy debate about relationships. He is always quick to offer a witty, clever, or insightful response to my Facebook questions on love and relationships. I love a man who can debate and not get angry or insulting. Not a lot of people can do that I am finding. I could brag on Charles for hours, but more than anything I can see Charles has an amazing heart for his family, passion for his music, drive for life, and love of God. All great qualities-- and I learned all this from that chance meeting and our talks on Facebook. There is power in social media! Cheers to your Charles and here's to a great friendships IRL (in real life).

RJ Nelson-  Man I wonder if I can get through writing RJ's portion without laughing. I say that with
the sincerest sentiment. He knows why. We have had some incredibly funny moments together. RJ and I worked in the television news business together. He was the photographer. I was the reporter. Like any relationships there were days when RJ DROVE ME INSANE! WE would disagree, and fuss. But we always got the job done, and after the smoke was clear we forgave and moved on.. He was also one of the photographers I remember for being sensitive and positive even on the hardest stories. I could always count on RJ to make me smile when I felt tired, burdened, or in pain over the things I saw in the field. I also loved that we settled disputes quickly.  This is why I have so many guy friends. Most men are able to do this better than women. They fight, argue, pick at each other and the next day it's done. I love that about my male friendships. They don't stay in their feelings too long, and in turn I'm learning to do the same in business, love, and life.

Anyways- like many of us RJ went through tough times, moments he didn't think it would get better. But, RJ did something I respect. He turned his pain to God. He prayed to be a better man ( I already thought he was fabulous). He prayed to be a better father, a better partner, and worker. We all know faith without works is dead so RJ put in work. He hustled hard to get a job, mend fences, and love on his family. Now just as God does when it's your season, when He's ready to promote you--- God is blessing RJ in incredible ways. Most recently RJ got an amazing car he didn't think was possible. Now he and his daughter can ride in style. We praise an amazing God. Psalms 37:4 'Delight thyself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.' I know this to be true in my life and now in RJ's life. Bravo brotha. #keepslaying I love you to the moon and bad.

Allen "Apollo" Choice -  Let me bring this blog full circle. When I think of my brand for Good Girl
Chronicles, and myself as a business owner I am often reminded of Allen or AJ as I like to call him. I want people to feel better around me, and leave better than when they came. That is what I get from AJ every time we work together (he took a lot of my photographs for my Facebook page)  I met AJ way back in high school in marching band. Then he was much shorter, much louder, and a whole lot more unfocused. I will say this with love because I know AJ would co-sign on this. He has gone through valleys in life too, some far deeper than I could ever imagine. But like RJ and Charles; AJ learned what the Bible says about struggle, life, salvation, and renewal. We've had a deep conversations about the depths of the Bible and I was blown away at how much he knew about scripture.

Fast forward like 10 years. Time and space divided us, but AJ saw me on TV one day for WAVY News 10. He was told me he was proud of me and something about seeing this College Park girl (that's where I grew up in Virginia Beach) on the number one station in Hampton Roads made him see the value in himself. God I may cry. He shared this story with me when we reconnected, and I knew God brought us back together for a reason. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing this story, but I love you honey so much. I love who you are, what you are about, and how you love God. Now AJ is one of my closest friends and confidants. I hope one day he will let me share his entire story, but for now just know he is incredible and an example of what God can do when you trust in him. Jeremiah 31:4 "I will rebuild you and you will dance again."

Love you, Love God More

Lauren Hope

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Little Something About Sara Lee: The View from a Big Sister

 In my mind she was no different from the rest of us, except she had the ability to see the world through much kinder eyes. She wouldn’t see it for its possible dangers. She would run up to complete strangers and wrap her arms around them, smiling. It was her way of showing someone she liked them. She’s wasn’t special or handicapped, to me she was just my little sister. Her small eyes and facial features were beautiful. To me all of these things made my unique. To me and I family she was our little ray of sunshine, the person in our lives who taught us to love with compassion.

Her smile is always so pure, and full of happiness. She has this innocence about her, an innocence that will never allow her to fully understand the depth of the world in the way I would grow to see it.  She will never understand that the world would treat her different because of her speech or the way she looked. She wouldn’t understand the reason people stared at her or the mean things they were saying about her. But, I knew. And I could feel their eyes staring at our family and her. I could hear the whispers from behind us, and when I was younger it angered me.

It hurt me to the core that people would make fun of her. And some days it was hard to keep my head held high and stand by her as an older sister should. I’d hang head low away from the glaring eyes of strangers. My sister on the other hand, would look to me for reassurance. Not fully understanding the mean glares or whispers. She’d smiled, looking at me for her backup. But, I couldn’t return it. I was too angry and too hurt to walk proudly by her. Sometimes she would see this and she’d sink into her self a bit. That was worse than the mean comments, knowing I couldn’t stand up for her.

 Then one day something shifted in me. My family and I were shopping at a supermarket when some young boys started whispering mean things about my sister. And she looked at me again, gauging my reaction, searching for my reassurance, this time I didn’t turn away. ‘If you have something to say to her you say it to me, “I said in an assertive tone. The boys stared back at me shaking, nervously. And my little sister looked back at me and smiled.  It was a smile that came from knowing her big sis not only had her back, but held no shame. And I realized then that’s all she needed was some reassurance that her big sister had her back. It didn’t matter if the world didn’t see what a beautiful girl I knew her to be or that her differences are what made her special, it only mattered that I knew. And, from then I on I promised to always have her back.

I am so lucky to be a sister of a Down Syndrome child.  My sister teaches me everyday to not look at people for their outward appearance. She’s taught me the meaning of true beauty. And her love of life inspires me everyday to be a woman she’s proud of. Because, of her I am more patient, kind, and considerate. And while I know the world may never fully understand children with special needs, I don’t expect them to, but I hope we all come to a place where we are more tolerant and welcoming of people with special needs. There is so much we can learn from them. I also hope that people will take the time understand, even if it means asking questions. I hope people grow more compassionate to people with special needs they have so much love to give. And if you take the time you’ll find that like you and I they have the same desires to love and be loved, a bond that makes us more similar than different.

As a reporter at WSET in Lynchburg, Virginia I am proud I got to tell Sara's story. Because it is the story of so many families. And, as I move towards my new website I plan to tell a whole lot more.

Don't let the look of my site fool you it will not only be about love and liberation it will also be about heart, depression, family, falling down------  life.

When you subscribe to this month you will receive free weekly blogs from me. When it will cost just $1.99 to continue receiving those stories. Stories like this and I hope you join me. will always be here. But, once I reach 100 blogs I will no longer be writing here.

Love You, Love God More

Lauren Hope

Life After Depression: Finding Comfort in the Word

I am up early this morning because I hibernated the night before. It's been an intense few weeks. I opened my business, started sharing my battle with depression openly, I've started dating City Hall, and I'm learning who my real ride or die friends are. I find now when I lay my head to sleep I don't even need a sleeping pill to doze off. My body craves the rest. However, I honestly feel God wake me up before my alarm clock just about everyday. And, when He does  it usually means there is something on my heart I need to write and release. Today is one of those days. I woke up and watched a segment of Joel Osteen. I have them saved on my parents DVR. Today's message was about the joy you can have in life when you have Jesus in your heart.

Joel Osteen Made the Word Plain

I know how people feel about Joel Osteen. They say he is too happy, too optimistic, and he isn't really a Pastor. I don't know about all those things. I do know that in times of my deepest despair something about the way he delivered the word brought me comfort, and understanding. This morning he spoke about the story of the woman at the well in the book of John. I know this story well because I always find myself re-reading it. If I understand right the book of John is where Jesus is quoted the most, it's why people quote from the book so much. I could be wrong but I was told this from someone who knows the word better than me. Anyway, back to the woman at the well. Basically Jesus goes to this well and sees a woman. He asks her to draw water from the well and she can't. Back in those days people of different domination or cultures could not really be associated with each other and plus she was a single woman. Jesus was a Jew and she was a Samaritan. Again I did not go to seminary so this is a very basic explanation of this story, I challenge you to read it.

The woman at the well says basically Jesus I can't draw water from this well for you. Jesus says, I know of a well you can drink from where you can never go thirsty. The woman is taken back. How does a well like this exist? What she didn't know was that Jesus was talking of his living water, God's love and grace. Then Jesus says and this is how I know our Father has a sense of humor. Jesus says, "Go get your husband to draw from the well."

She says, "I have no husband."

Jesus replies, "I know you have had five."

BOOM! How explosive was that reply. A lot of people would have been like who does this guy think He is? But, she takes it. She realizes that this man knows her, her intimate secrets, her mistakes, and yet he still offers her a living water that never runs dry. HOW PURE IS THAT LOVE? I could go on and on about this story because it speaks to me so much but I really challenge you to read it. It is John Chapter 4. Well Joel quoted that story today in a sermon about joy. And it made me smile because I've been studying the book of John since I've been in recovery from my depression. It's like God wanted me to remember that story this morning.

I believe God can use even the most broken people to speak to his children. And, Joel Osteen is not perfect but on the days I don't make time for the bible I do get the word through Joel. He also has an amazing testimony in my opinion. Did you know Joel never wanted to Pastor Lakewood Church? In fact, he wanted to work in television production, work behind the scenes. Yet, when His father died He felt God called him to lead the church. Did you know Joel's mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer more than 30 years ago. DID YOU SEE WHAT I WROTE 30 YEARS AGO. She isn't supposed to be here y'all. That was not God's plan for her. Joel always says God can trump any medical report. I do also know that sometimes God does call his children home way too soon in our books. My Aunt Doris died of breast cancer and she was so young, and had so much more life to live. I am sad about that, but I know she lives in a heaven with many rooms. I've seen her there. God has brought us together in my dreams and we've talked. She is ok and for some reasons she is caring for two small children in a country home. I don't know who they are but maybe God called Aunt Doris to heaven to care for those two kids. Ahh I can't cry this morning.

Mr. Optimism: The Man Who Taught Me to Love the Word Again

I write this to say that God brings all types of people in our lives at certain moments to help us. For me it was Joel Osteen and a friend I'll call Mr. Optimism. I call him that because when we worked together for almost two years and I don't think I ever heard him swear, get angry, or lose his cool. What an awesome guy. I can't say I was that together when I was in television news. When we worked together at WAVY he always made me feel calm. No matter the story, the weather, or the circumstances I knew if I was with Mr. Optimism it was going to be a good day. I truly believe this is how God wants people to feel around His children. He wants us to be a beacon of hope for others.

Mr. Optimism would always tell me, "Lauren when are you going to stop working for these men and work for God? That is who you work hard for, write well for, and worship. Not this brick and mortar station that won't save your soul."

That was heavy eh? But I knew he was right. I just couldn't see that. I thought I had to lose sleep, give up personal time, swallow my hurt and depression to survive on television news. Some people still believe this.But, as a woman who lives with depression these were all unhealthy practices. Hell it's unhealthy for people with a clear mind. And, when the depression became unbearable and I left the television business it's kind of fitting that I turned to Mr. Optimism seeking help. He had left the business to travel the world sharing God's love. I didn't know where he was but I still had his number and THANK GOD it worked. Oh geez I'm going to cry. This man listened as I shared with him my suicide attempts, my feelings of loneliness, my troubles with my family, the pain I experienced seeing the worse of people as a reporter. He listened. He never interrupted, he never rose his voice over me. He just listened and it was so comforting. He came into my life the first month of my recovery, and I know God sent him to teach me how to love the word again. With my pain he responded with a scripture I never knew Jeremiah 31:4 "I will rebuild you and you will dance again." 

When I felt God would never forgive me for my past Mr. Optimism quoted Isaiah 61:3 "God will give you beauty for your ashes." Oh these tears this morning. Father thank you for sending that man at just the right time. He listened when a fight with my parents lead to a panic attack. I packed some clothes, and ran out the door. I could not reach my therapist or any friend but Mr. Optimism picked up. And for almost 30 minutes I cried and ranted. about the pain in my family, my weakness and despair. He comforted me with the word then too. He urged me to study the book of John. I did not need an anti-anxiety drug that day Mr. Optimism's words and direction comforted me.

"The Bible is a marathon not a race. It is your daily bread. Take your time reading it. If you only have a few minutes or  read a few lines. That is ok. You will find comfort there," he said. 

And he was so right.I have never--- I MEAN NEVER felt so much love in the word. I've been a Christian my whole life but this time I became a believer, a woman of faith, a student of the word. And, this Mr. Optimism lead the way. After a while I didn't need to call him as much, and in moment of hardship I remembered those scriptures he quoted, and then I began seeking the Lord for myself. That is what a good friend does. They comfort you, they listen, they sharpen you, and then guide you back to the one who gives the ULTIMATE COMFORT AND LOVE OUR FATHER GOD, 
The post-its hung around my room. I stole this from a show
called 'Being Mary Jane'

Now like Mr. Optimism said I am finding ways to get the word everyday. It is my daily bread. God will use broken people, co-workers, friends, PEOPLE to heal his children. And, that is what Mr. Optimism did for me. This is only a portion of what this man has done for me. We live thousands of miles apart but I consider him a dear friend. Thank you Father for bringing him back into my life so I could get closer to you. You know how much I've needed your Father to stay afloat. In Jesus name I pray Amen.
A song of comfort. In this song he says, "He met me in the depths of my despair to show me he wouldn't keep me there." THIS IS GOD'S LOVE AND GRACE

Love You, Love God More

Lauren Hope

My writing face morning