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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

#WomenWhoSlayWednesday: Women of Greenbrier Mall, Women Who Are Lifters

In this new journey of life I've been fortunate to meet some amazing women. I have serious trust issues with women. I didn't discover that until a new friend said, "Lauren why do you always think I'm trying to get over on you?"

I thought for a second. At first I wasn't really sure, then I thought harder. Oh yea, that's right cause some of my closest friends have thrown the most harmful daggers. I don't say this to throw shade. Some of my closest girlfriends have been the most critical, hurtful, betraying forces in my life. I've made peace with those incidents, but I would be lying if I didn't say it changed me. I am guarded with females, and I do expect them to eventually backstab me. I mean you watched 'Mean Girls' right? I knew a few Regina Georges in high school and in college. Women who pretended to be my friend only to undercut  me later. I know that being distrustful of females is no way to live so I pray often for God to soften my heart, and receive female friendship. (This is why I have so many guy friends.)

 Gosh I love my guy friends. I feel like a little sister surrounded around tough brothers. I know when I'm with these cats nothing bad is going to happen except for maybe one of them farting without notice. Love You Guys.

Back to the females. Since I said that prayer about female friendships God has brought some amazing, funny, beautiful, complicated, supporting women in my life. This is certainly not all of them but a few. Here's to this week's lifters, eagles, and slayers

#WomenWhoSlay: Women Who Are Lifters, Promoters, Supporters, Slayers 

Andrea N from The Limited: I love to shop, but now that I am a curvy size woman shopping is not as easy as it used to be. I can't wear certain patterns, cuts, or materials. I always have to watch out for how outrageous my breasts and ass look in clothes. Trust me the #struggleisreal. I walked into The Limited in Greenbrier Mall back in February. At the time I had no job, my business Good Girl Chronicles was just an idea, and absolutely no wear to work clothes. 

I was greeted by the manager Andrea. Now I can say this because I consider Andrea a friend. But, homegirl and I are not on the same clothing spectrum. I am a size 16 and Andrea, well Andrea can wear sample size. I do not say this to throw shade. When Andrea came and asked, "How are you doing?" I thought to myself, "There is no way this woman is going to be able to help my fat ass fit in anything." ( I didn't say that out loud.) 

"Oh I have some job interviews coming up and I have no cute work clothes," I said. 
"Really what are you applying for," she asked. At the time I was applying for a few radio and television jobs. 

"Let me show you what we have, " Andrea said leading me around the store. I have never shopped at The Limited EVER! I thought it was too expensive, too square, and not stretchy enough. Andrea changed my perspective on all of that. She showed me the material that is forgiving to plus size women, patterns that concealed and THEN encouraged me on my job search. I'm going to try not to cry, but I needed Andrea that day and I didn't even know it. She made me feel like anything was possible, and with a good suit, a smile, and confidence I could land any job I wanted. I walked out with a store credit card and a lot of amazing clothes. Thank you Andrea. It's not just Andrea her entire staff slays. I  know them by first name, and when I opened my business Good Girl Chronicles LLC The Limited let me host 2 shopping events there to promote my blog. Oh I forgot to mention I never break the bank at The Limited because it's an outlet store in Greenbrier Mall now called 'BackRoom at the Limited' and the prices are always crazy good.

Thanks for sharpening me Andrea. I'll never forget what you've done for me and Good Girl Chronicles. Here are some pictures from the Shop for Team Good Girl shopping event.

Elizabeth -I met Liz at Kay Jewelers in Greenbrier Mall. I never imagined I'd have a Kay Jewelers account since I am single, unmarried, childless, and financially challenged. But, Kay Jewelers approved me, and a sales representative (not Elizabeth) sold me on the idea of spoiling myself. Eventually I found myself in the Kay Jewelers in Greenbrier Mall almost every other day. I go to the  mall often to power walk and network and Kay Jewelers is near the mall entrance. Each time Elizabeth has been there I've felt safe, loved, and supported.

How can a jewelry associate make you feel that way? Well when I went into the store I talked about my blog, business, and my crazy love life. Each time Liz was all about it. She asked me questions, took my flier, even tested out some bras I'm reviewing. She is honest, but kind. I've bought several pieces of jewelry from her because I trust she is not hustling me. Even more than that, Eizabeth has taken an interest in my life. She's hugged me on a day I needed a friend, brought me dinner when I was hungry, and through her amazing story-telling reminded me my life is not as crazy as I think. Basically she reminded me, someone always has it worse. Thank you doll. Glad to call you friend. Oh and did I mention she's hella inspiring because she's losing weight the healthy way? Well she is and I'm super proud. Thank you for sharpening me doll.


The Taylor Swift of J.B. Robinson- Ya hunty I met Taylor Swift at Greenbrier Mall. Not really but she is named Taylor and she is fabulous.  I meet Taylor at J.B. Robinson. I had purchased a necklace at another jewelry and I was convinced the necklace made my skin turn red, itchy, and blotchy. The other jeweler did not want to investigate the problem or offer me a return of my item. I went to J.B. Robinson in hopes of figuring out why I had an allergic reaction, Taylor Swift ( my Taylor Swift not the singer) research the issue, and in minutes it became clear that I broke out from a necklace cleaner. Taylor said a lot of people had issues with the cleaner. I was so grateful that I purchased an item from J.B. Robinson because I felt safe and cared for with Taylor. She explained the deals, and promotions the store was running and I actually ended up saving A LOT of money.

I have not known Taylor long but she's offered me amazing customer service. I've worked in retail off and on since I was 17 so I appreciate good service. Taylor also compliments me everytime I'm in the store, offers me deals, and had some incredible heart-to-hearts with me. I am sad she is leaving J.B. Robinson to explore other career opportunities but I know she'll do great wherever she goes.. and she's going from jewelry to selling furniture. I guess I know where I'm buying my next couch from. Thanks doll.! #ironsharpensiron

Where MY GIRLS AT: I also want to thank Bethany, Anita, Shay, and Kendra for your generous donations. They have literally fed me. Love you dolls.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

#LOLOSLOVES: 2 Pink Peas "Soft Voice, Strong Heart"

As a writer and blogger one of my favorite things to write about is other other people.  My life story is beautiful, messy, shocking, complicated, and raw. More than telling my own story I love telling yours that is why I was a television journalist for so long. Periodically I will be telling your stories through a blog post I like to call "Lolo's Love". My first story under this headline is about a company called '2 Pink Peas"

(2 Pink Peas did not pay Good Girl Chronicles LLC to write this glowing review) 

Consider it a digital thank you card for doing right by my company Good Girl Chronicles LLC.

I first came in contact with 2 Pink Peas at a Biz Connect Hampton Roads meeting. Biz Connect is a networking group I am apart based out of Norfolk, Virginia. After our weekly meeting, the co-owner of 2 Pink Peas Sophia, introduced herself. 

I was struck by two things; her amazingly light complexion, and her soft voice. I am a Navy Brat so I've seen several different shades, but Sophia has this soft, vanilla glow to her I couldn't quiet place. I was intrigued. Is she white or is she black? I thought to myself. 

"My name is Sophia, and I am the co-owner of a company called '2 Pink Peas we make eco-friendly, affordable hand bags," Sophia said.

Wow this chick has it all together. Bags? Did you she say bags? Sophia then went on to show  me the cutest unique handbags. I'll give you her URL now so you can go see for yourself. 

Sophia and I made a date to meet at Daily Grind in Virginia Beach Town Center. (one of the best meet up places in vb if you ask me) Homegirl came with  her A game. She knew her products, future plans, and ability to manufacture. I mean get this girl read for Shark Tank. I'm kidding. I say this because we are both fans of the show and we discussed the pros and cons of being featured on the show. I see great things in Sophia's future. She's a sophomore at Old Dominion University and already has a blossoming company. When I was a sophomore I was at Tidewater Community College at a crossroads: Psychology or Journalism. I choose the television dream, but somehow I find myself practicing psychology as well. More on that another time.

Sophia shared with me the reason she started '2 Pink Peas' and then I knew we were kindred spirits. Here is a excerpt from her beautiful website:

"When owner Sophia O’Neal was in middle school she finished third place in a local roller skating rinks weekly red-light, green-light game. Her pants did not finish so well, and she spent the rest of the rather short, mortifying evening with a sweater tied around her waist, her jeans having split down the middle in a “Red-Light!” stopping scramble. (Ouch.) The silvery jeans were new, and, since her old bookbag was falling apart, she used some old sheet material, the ruined jeans, and a homemade pattern to make a ruffled purse. When people commented on it, their queries of “Did you make that?” came off as “You made that, didn’t you?” and a sad truth was realized - eco - friendly did not mean fashion friendly. As the years went by (and Sophia grew "more fashionable) the question continued to present itself: Could ecological fashion also be fashion forward?"

Gosh she slays. During our meeting I discovered Sophia was home-schooler, uber smart, and super driven. When I first met her I noticed her soft voice, but when I got to talk to her I noticed her strong heart and drive. You slay chick, and I'm so excited to form a partnership with your company. Thank you for sharpening me with your humor and business knowledge. Her bangs are so amazing Good Girl Chronicles LLC will be placing an order when money comes through for swag bags. and, I plan to sport them myself.

Thanks dolls. This is only the beginning. 
Proverbs 27:17 "Iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another." 
That is my business philosophy and how I want people to feel when they leave Good Girl Chronicles. 

Once again check out 2 Pink Peas for more on her mission, her eco-friendly bags, and why she calls herself 2 Pink Peas (it's an adorable story by the way. I'll let her tell it)

(I'm obsessed with this NYX matte lip cream BTW)

#WomenWhoSlay: Women Who Build You, Praise You, and Help You Fight Another Day

I am not throwing shade at anyone from my past, but they are in my past for a reason. I have had terrible girlfriends. It's just the facts. I've had girlfriends who did things out of jealously, hurt, or revenge. Their actions made me distrustful of females, and defensive when I didn't need to be. I do not need to grudge up what they did, what they wrote, and how they hurt me. Those wounds are healing, There is no need to reopen them, but these experiences shaped me. They made me feel like eventually someone was going to stab me in the back. It's no way to live, and everyday I pray to let it go. I have forgiven my girlfriends from my past. Some I have let back in my life, some I have not. But I have overcome the hurt their actions caused.

Today I am glad to write about three women who gave me hope in female friendship again. Thank You Stacy Foster, Sara Murphy, Katie Lewis and all my girls at Bebe in Williamsburg Premiere Outlet. You are #ironsharpensiron.

#WomenWhoSlay: Women Who Build You Up, Praise You, and Help You Fight Another Day

Well Stacy... where do I begin? I power walk at Greenbrier Mall mostly out of boredom. I've seen old people do this since I was a teenager. They always looked happy to be walking together around the mall. But, I end up doing more talking than walking just like I did in middle school during Physical Education class. Ah well. I do think I've lost a few pounds. During one of my power walking days I met Stacy. I'm not sure why I went to the Sunglasses Hut because I can't afford anything there but I did. Stacy is the manager there, and her smile drew me to the kiosk. I learned that Stacy is insanely funny, caring, and loved a comedian named Chris D'elia. I knew of him but not really. Upon her suggestion I went to follow him on Snapchat. I have never been the same hahah! He lights up my life with his humor. Thanks Stacy. She also knows someone who works for P.Diddy so  I'm working that connection. Just kidding. I could go on and on about how Stacy has sharpened me but she already knows. She's in New York right now doing a missions trip for kids in needs. I dig it chick. Thanks for showing me females can be funny, cool, supportive and not want to knock you down.

Because of her when I do get money I'm buying some Ray Bans from her kiosk and only her. #ironsharpensiron

My Bebe Girls: Sara Murphy & Katie Lewis

Let me start by saying I have NEVER and I mean NEVER shopped at Bebe. Even when I was a size 4 (let that sink in I was once a size 4. I'm now a size 16. Have mercy!) I never thought I was skinny enough, sexy enough or bold enough to wear Bebe. Bebe just seemed like this story for the cool popular kids in high school. The brand has tight fitted dresses, and loud colors. It screams look at me. My whole life I've been screaming inside for someone to see the real me, but I was so scared to really be myself. 

Well that began to change the day I walked into the Bebe store in Williamsburg, Virginia. I walked in because there were sales signs outside, and I was intrigued. I found the cutest, STRETCHY clothes I've ever seen. I had a little money, and I wanted to spoil myself. Sara Murphy approached me first. Sara is stunning. She has this radiant glow about her and if looks could kill.... anyway. Sara asked me how she could help me. I won't lie I was low keying anxious. I thought to myself, this beautiful chick is going to see how fat I am and know I can't fit these clothes . Not at all. Sara acted as my personal sytlist for like 2 hours. She picked out jumpers, jackets, jeans everything fit my size 16 frame. I felt fabulous for the first time in a long time. I felt sexy and alive. Thank you for that Sara. We shared some intimate things about our love lives. I told her about City Hall, my new business, and my love of Christ. She shared with me her desires for a good Godly man. 

The first time I wore this Bebe jumpsuit it turned heads, and I felt fabulous. I gave it away to another fabulous woman but I will remember it fondly. Thanks for picking this out Sara.

I met Katie during my first visit to Bebe too. She made me laugh. I can't quite describe Katie, she's that fierce. She is a mixture of fun, brave, tough, hilarious, smart, silly... I could go on. And did I mention she's a makeup artist? The girl does incredible makeup.I'm so glad you found love in a hopeless place darling. You deserve everything coming your way. Thanks for the laughs, encouragement, and selfies. I love you girls all of you at Bebe. #girlfriends4life

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

That Time I Got Pulled Over on My Way to Huddle House

To Whom It May Concern, On June 18, 2016 I was pulled over for tailgating in Chespeake near Huddle House. I was in a rush to get the Huddle House because Mayor Alan Krasnof was expected to attend a ribbon cutting event for the store. I’m told he has a powerful testimony, and as woman of faith and I wanted to connect. I was right around the corner from the Huddle House when I was pulled over by a police officer in a black Charger.
When I pulled over in front the 7-11 the officer approached my 2008 Volkswagen Beetle. I will not lie, I was scared. I am a black woman, and I was always taught to deal with police with caution. I am a clinically depressed woman with anxiety I just wanted to leave the situation without crying or having an anxiety attack. The officer was stern and in my opinion cold. He asked me why I was following so close. He did not give me any opportunity to explain. Out of fear I did not try to explain further. I had my license and registration ready. I parked in a visible spot as I was taught by parents. We are taught to survive police encounter. This happened way before the outcries in Dallas. I was legitimately scared.
The officer returned to my car and said, “I see you have no traffic violations. I am writing you up anyway.” I was upset but I took the ticket. I made it to Huddle House and I had just missed the Mayor. I happened to bump into the Sherriff and several officers. I told them I got pulled over and they asked who pulled me over. I described the officer and they all laughed. “He loves giving tickets,” they said. Many more chimed in. They explained it did not matter your circumstance or hardship this officer would pull you over. I was disheartened by this. I have not had a ticket since my 20’s. I’m 32 now. I challenge that this behavior is not fair. Is this officer trying to trap people? Does he get off on writing people? If so I challenge that is wrong, and I need to seek advisement from a lawyer. I want the opportunity to appeal this guilty verdict. I am a social media consultant, blogger, and mental health advocate. I expect this to be handled appropriately and in a timely manner. My contact information is below. I was told I could fax this information since I have no transportation and I am homeless at this time due to mental illness. I will be sending a copy of this to the Mayor. In my opinion this is ridiculous.

Sincerely, Lauren HM Compton AKA Lauren Hope Good Girl Chronicles LLC

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Lowdown On Lolo's Life: A Letter to Good Girl Chronicle Subscribers

If you are not subscribed to my new website here is a look at the type of letters I write to subscribers. Once all my work is transferred these intimate letters will solely be a #teamgoodgirl benefit. 

Dear Good Girl Chronicles Subscribers AKA
Team Good Girl,

Gosh I've been a bad friend. My goal was to send an update on me, my life, and my LLC Good Girl Chronicles LLC every week. Life, as it often does, got in the way. Here's why I couldn't write you #facts

-My parents essentially disowned me. They put in writing I could no longer visit their home, see my Down Syndrome sister, or my dogs.

-My mother went to my friends and told their parents I was manic, promiscuous, and off my medications. THIS IS FALSE

-My parents sent me a notice that they were cutting me off their car insurance with little to no warning, and then they wrote they are repossessing my car that was gift from when I landed my job at WAVY. Even though my father promised it to me. That hurt like hell. I love that Beetle.

The Break In at Greenbrier Mall
-My wonderful awesome Beetle was broken into at 2:30 p.m. at Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake before my birthday. It was parked up front by Green Turtle. There are no cameras at that mall, and no warnings. Police have told me I was one of three people robbed that day. "There is a rash of thefts in the area", one Chesapeake Police Officer said. It's happening in the Greenbrier Mall area and across the street near Ross. I know a friend whose car was broken into this year too. There is also a rumor that 2 people got mugged at Greenbrier within the last year. I don't feel safe there but it's one of the best places to power walk. ALSO I was sleeping out of  my car and I had a lot of items in there. The thieves took my vitamins, my beats, my notebook of writing, my purse, my credit cards, money.. I could go on. It tapped me out financially.I have filed complaints with the General Manager of the mall, and security knows.  I also have a police report. Waiting for my insurance claim.

-My tenant is terrible. She refuses to pay her rent and she wont move out. I'm trying to handle that everyday.

-I had to put my condo on the market. The ordeal with my tenant was more stress than it was worth.

- I have had to let go of a lot of people I cared about, people I thought were friends and that has hurt like hell.

-Bill collectors wont stop calling, and I'm talking for little balances like 45 dollars. It's stressing me out.

-A guy I liked "the greatone" told me he didn't need me. I needed time to process that.

- I found out City Hall was a liar (more on that later) like a really BAD LIAR - IE he got fired.

-I miss my sister and my dog

-I found a Buddhist temple where I talked about Jesus and I found peace.

-I met a man who helped me but scared me. We're no longer friends and I'm sad.

-A T-Mobile rep called me a "fucking bitch" and I had to handle it with corporate. They fixed the ordeal.

-A manager at Kay Jewelers kicked me out of his store when I wanted to explain how his necklace broke my neck out. I had to process that cause I thought we were friends.

- I am struggling with ways to raise money for my marching band which I believe is my job right now. Find out more at

- Like Kanye West My dreams keep me up at night. SO I will endure this.

- I was sexually assaulted, harassed, and mistreated at a Holiday Inn and the company wants nothing to do with it. (I've filed complaints with corporate, gotten a lawyer Holiday Inn still is doing nothing.)

I love you all like crazy for reading my blog, and sharpening me with your feedback. I've received some great emails and texts from you all and it keeps me going.

I celebrated my 32nd birthday without my family, but I felt your lve and prayers. That meant the world.

Also know that I am on one of the most intense spiritual journey of  my life. I am homeless, I did not eat for two days, I have no one to turn to but God, my writing, and social media. I am grateful for all those things. I am better than most. I have an office, an education and an intense drive to get out of this  mess. I will #overcome. 

My goals now are to get to a safe place where my family doesn't know where I live, get my dogs back, get visitation of my sister, travel with my blog, raise money for my marching band, do some press for Good Girl Chronicles, and get that book in the hands of a literary agent. I will sleep under a bridge, I will wake up at 4 a.m. everyday to make those goals happen. That is how driven I am. My hustle is so hard right now. 

Thank you for sharpening me by supporting my blog.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#WomenWhoSlayWednesay; Woman who are light, Women who slay PICS

#WOMENWHOSLAY: Women who are brave, Women who are light, Women Who Slay

You ever meet people who just exude light?I have! There are certain people that just make you feel calm. Lucy Fyfe is one of those people. I met her at a networking mixer and she said, "Lucy Fyfe I'll change your life." They way she said it was so funny and refreshing. I later learned Lucy works for a company called Bioceutica. It is a expansive company that sells custom vitamins, makeup, body shower gels, and lotions. The lists goes on.


I am not being paid for this review nor am I receiving any free products. Just want to put that out there.

Lucy came to my office in Chesapeake and let me experience Bioceutica skin care, and makeup line Luminous.

I did not try the vitamin line but I am told it's great. From water retention, to energy, to sleep these Bioceutica has something.

Skincare Line: Intuitiv - I tried the B-Hydrated Jade Clay Polish, B-Hydrated Body Lotion, B-Nourished Treatment Oil, B-Protected Day Cream, B-Bright Eye Gel. 

  •  I love the feel of all the products. They went on smooth and felt great after. The brochure say the skin care line Intuitiv uses organic, natural, and wild harvest ingredients. Prices range from about 30 bucks per item and up for packages. 
Felt awesome, but my budget is not quite there yet...but for people looking for natural, safe, gentle products I highly recommend. 

Luminous MakeUP by Bioceutica: This brochure says "Bioceutica INGENIOUS Cosmeceutical color is a new generation of "feature enhancing" products formulated to protect and illuminate your natural beauty. Well I just love that. The makeup felt super nice going on. It did not have my shade so I had to blend it with some of my own foundation. I love the eyeshadows. The line does not carry primers for lips or eyes because Bioceutica does not have any preservatives Lucy says. All in all.. it was a great product, but there is not a whole lot that can pull me away from my Mac foundation. I've been using it since my television days. I do suggest giving Bioceutica if you are intensely allergies to a lot of stuff or want to try something new.


Here's a quick on her amazing woman named Demi Lovato. She is educated, an overcomer of bipolar disorder and so much more.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

#FineFellasFriday: Dennis C, Dennis Carter, Zane Robinson & More

This week I have so many #finefellas I can't fit them all in the headline. That's a blessing. God is sending wonderful men in my life to show me I can love again. My heartbreak has made me bitter, cold, and distrustful of men. I know this is wrong. I know if I am ever going to fall in love again I have to let that pain go. I am working on it. Meeting #finefellas reminds me there are good men out there.

Take a listen to why these men are slaying so hard it hurts. I'M NOT DATING ANY OF THEM. Just had to put that there.

This week's #FineFellas
-Dennis Castro - the friend I never expected
-Dennis Carter of WSET. The best sportscaster I know
-Zane Robinson- the musical mentor\


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Good Girl Contributor: Jacquelyn Grace's "Womanhood"

This blog is by our newest contributor Jacquelyn Grace. It's called 'Womanhood' 
It is beautiful and says so much about becoming a woman in our society. Good job doll. 

Disclaimer: The author was not paid to endorse any particular brands for feminine hygiene products. However, if you would like to film her in a tampon commercial, please reach out to her agent. Thank you.

My first period was anticlimactic. I went to the bathroom on Christmas Eve, looked down, and thought, "This is exactly how the video in P.E. class said it would be."

No big deal.

My mom's first period was something else.

No one told her what it would be like. When she looked down one day and saw all the red, she screamed bloody murder. She thought she was dying.

Her mother and her aunts gathered around her and calmed her down.

Then, they proceeded to steep an array of herbs in water and bathe her gently.

Afterwards, they told her to lie down and rest, and they would not let her lift a finger.

She was treated like a queen for the rest of the day.


I'm not sure if other families in the Philippines do this, but when she told me this, I got so jealous.

Why wasn't I bathed with herbs? Why was I unceremoniously given a Kotex pad instead of a day of relaxation?

Once my envy died down, I realized something crucial about our society: how we approach our first period is how we approach womanhood. Although I wish someone warned my mom about her period, I could see that this moment of her life was treated as a celebration of her coming of age.

I'm not saying we need to lather our bodies in herbs or throw a themed party, but we need to discuss this moment in our lives with excitement, not dread.

As my grandma and her sisters tended to my mother, they were silently saying, "Welcome to womanhood. You have your whole life ahead of you. Soon, you will realize how much you're capable of." My mom and the mother figures in her life looked forward to her growing up. It was something positive.

I'm not sure what happened to my mother in the years between her first period and when she had me, but something must have scared her. From the moment I came into the world, I imagine she was not only filled with joy but fear.

Even though my mom made sure I was prepared for this moment, she made sure to treat it with as much nonchalance as possible. Yes, she was trying to make sure I wasn't freaking out, but that also communicated to me her reluctance to see her little girl grow up. My development fed her fears of not being able to protect me from the world.  My inability to at first accept the womanly parts developing before my eyes fed my fears as well. My new hips. My new breasts. Would people look at me differently? Must I now enter that dance between women and men? I did not feel ready for all this adult stuff. The fact that my period started so early at age 11 did not help us cope either.

It's been over a decade since my first period, and eventually we both accepted that I had to one day grow up. Over time, I realized that I was capable of protecting myself, and that being an adult can be as fun, if not more fun, than childhood.

Now I have cousins who look up to me, and one day I might have a daughter. What I want to communicate to them is that they can approach their womanhood with courage and excitement. Being a woman isn't easy, but womanhood is full of so many wonderful things, like having choices and being in charge of myself. I just want young ladies everywhere to realize that yes, the blood ain't pretty, but all that red is a bright, blaring signal that there is so much for them to look forward to.

By: My Grace AKA Jacquelyn Grace

A Good Girl Chronicles Exclusive Contributor


Britney Spears said it best in 'Stronger' Today I proclaim I am better than yesterday. My loneliness isn't killing me ANYMORE. And like THE WORD says I am more than a conqueror. No enemy formed against me shall prosper. 


'There's nothing you can do or say, baby

I've had enough (LOLO: of your judgement, hurt, manipulation, control, stone throwing."\
You might think that I won't make it on my own
But now I'm ( LOLO:I WILL RISE)

Stronger, than yesterday

Now it's but my way
My loneliness ain't killing me no more
I, I'm stronger

Than I ever though that I could be, baby

I used to go with the flow
Didn't really care 'bout me'
You might think that I can't take it, but you're wrong
Cause now I'm stronger

Here I go, on my own 

I don't need nobody, better off alone
Here I go, on my own now
I don't need nobody, not anybody
Here I go, here I go, here I go




Here I go, here I go
Stronger, than yesterday
It's nothing but my way
My loneliness ain't killing me no more
I'm stronger than yesterday
Now it's nothing but my way
My loneliness ain't killing me no more
Now I'm stronger, than yesterday
Now it's nothing, but my way.








Wednesday, July 6, 2016

#WOMENWHOSLAYWEDNESDAY: "Alasha Bennett" and 'Find the Right Man'

 I had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Alasha Bennett two weeks ago. Many of you know I am a woman of faith and I often speak of the woman at the well. Well meeting Alasha was affirmation that I am the woman at the well. The woman at the well is a woman Jesus met at a well in the Book of John. She and I are a lot alike. Like the woman at the well I have made SOME HUGE mistakes in life, but Jesus loved the woman at the well anyway. So I know in my heart He loves me the same way. That story also taught me that it's critical that we meet other other people at their well. Whatever their circumstance I believe we should try to help. The homeless, the rich, the poor, the downtrodden I think we should all do our part to help one another. That is what I mean when I call myself  "the woman at the well."

Alasha is one of those people who will meet you at your well. She will listen, offer suggestions, laugh, and cry with you. But above all else she will love you right where you are at. How many people can say they did that for someone? Alasha can because she is what you call a relationship expert. She has studied how we relate to one another as men and women. She is the founder of Dating Mechanics. It's all about healthy relationships, good love, and great advice. I'm all about that.

 In the almost three hours we spent together Alasha made me feel whole. She let me know my past dating mistakes were forgiven and I was worthy of love again. Man that chick #slays.

This July she is hosting a free seminar called 'Find the Right Man' IT IS FREE DOLLS. Sorry #finefellas no boys allowed. We all know finding a MAN is the easy part, but the RIGHT man is a different story. I'll be there and Id love to see you there too.

If you can't make it to the actual event July 3rd you can take the classes online at www.dmu.soultions I hope to see you soon, Alasha is amazing and worth the time. Let's sharpen one another ladies. Real ladies promote one another! #womenwhoslaywednesday