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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beauty & The Cute Girl

We all know how to spot a gorgeous, beautiful woman. She has this effortless gracefulness to her. It's the softness of her skin, the lightness in her eyes, the way her hair falls, it's the curves of her body.  She's beautiful without even really trying. It's the ever slight reveal of clevage, the fit of her clothes. A beautiful woman is the combination of physical appeal. and confidence. I often find myself wondering how these beautiful, gorgeous woman do it ? Do they roll out of bed sexy ? Is it something in their genes ? It's like the popular girl in school who seemed beautiful beyonds her years, where does that come from ?

Beautiful, gorgeous women  make looking good seem effortless as if beauty came to them in their sleep.  It's the way the statement, 'She's beautiful,' escapes the lips before even thinking of the woman's nature or demeanor. It seems at times beautiful, gorgeous people have magnetic power. I spent years in the beauty/fashion care buisness so I've seen my fair share of beautiful women. But, there's another woman who is sometimes overlooked, one I've come to known for the past 26 years. She doesn't always have the latest trends, and wears just enough makeup to conceal the dark circles under her eyes. She's the cute girl, and while she may not catch your eye at first glance, she's worth a double take.

A relative once described 'cute girls' to me this way, 'Lauren it's a good thing you are cute and pretty. You're cute enough to not intimidate people, but pretty enough to get their attention.' I didn't really know what to make of the statement at first.  Was this a compliment ? Upon further thinking, I decided while I may not be the girl people describe as hot or gorgerous there's something great about being a cute girl.

Cuteness I admit is hard to bottle up and sell. It's the mixture of quirky without being too corny, and sassy without having too much attitude. Cute is being put together, but not exactly fashion forward. It's talking with your hands to emphasis a conversation, it's ripping out fashion articles to copy the style only to realize it doesn't quite work. Cute is passing off a bad hair day with a head band and calling it chic. It's calling jeans and t-shirts a fashion staple. It's being the one everyone remembers in high school as one of the band nerds.

Cute is knowing a smile can cure most akwardness. Cute is having a passion for cupcakes and chocolate even if it does mess up your figure. Cute is being in a room full of hot females and knowing no one is giving you the stink eye. Cute is feeling just fine sipping a beer with the guys, and not caring if none of them want to date you. Cute is often feeling most comfortable around the boys playing video games or watching movies . But, sometimes being cute sucks.

Sometimes cutes means being looked over, being the friend instead of the girlfriend. It means playing it safe,  not asking the guy out, playing by the rules, and accepting what comes. Cute means hearing the hot guy talk about his other hot girl that isn't you. My cutie pies out there all know how this feels. It's days like this I know we all wish we could bottle up that gorgeous Kardashion, JLO sexy and drown ourselves in it.

While I know I've grown a lot since my one relative explained this cuteness theory, I still find myself wearing the cute badge for several reasons. For starters it's all I know. And, secondly the times I try to put on the sexy it just doesn't fit. It feels akward, forced, and somehow I can tell people know it's not genuine. I try to tread the line of hotness then something happens. I trip in heels, the bra doesn't hold up right, I blurt out the wrong thing, the makeup doesn't quite look like the picture in the magazine I praticed two days prior, my  eyebrows are bushy, and then I realize who am I kidding I will always be a cute girl at heart.Something in me lets out a laugh, exhales, and realizes I don't need anyone's defition of hot to box me in. I'm cute damn it, and not everyone can say that. Maybe the hot girls should be taking notice of us cute girls. I mean everyone remembers the cute girls, Punky Brewster, what little girl didn't want to be here? Rudy from The Cosby Show, classic cute girl. Blossom. The hot girls can have their beauty.. cute girls have way more fun.