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Thursday, June 22, 2017

#MakeupMonday: Lolo's Summer Loves

Hey Team Good Girl. This is a long overdue #MakeupMonday. If you’re a follower of this blog you know I’ve been busy surviving. Thankfully, shelter is no longer an issue, and I'm working again. Interestingly enough even in my homelessness I always liked to look put together. Every morning when I was living in a shelter I’d get up 30 minutes early to apply some foundation and eyeliner. Even though I had no real place of my own, and several nights the places we stayed did not have showers, putting on makeup made me feel good. That is indeed the power of makeup. I’m on a tight budget so I don’t get to splurge on makeup as much as I would like, but I’ve found some inexpensive staples that are helping me get by this summer.

Foundation: Maybeline Fit Line: A great Mac Studio Fix Dupe ! I am a MAC Cosmetics girl through and through. I love thick, heavy foundation. MAC Studio Fix is my go to foundation summer, winter, fall, and spring. But, at $30 a pop I can’t really afford it right now. I searched the internet for MAC dupes or foundations that are comparable and I have fallen in love with Maybeline Fit Me. It has a smooth, dewy finish, blends great, has an SPF, and has darker shades specifically formulated for women of darker shades. Ulta sells this for $7.99.

Tarte Eyeshadow Palettes - Even as a bargain makeup shopper there are a few things I like to splurge for when I can. I recently had a few extra bucks and I sprung for a new eye Tarte Cosmetics eye palette. I was looking for something with neutral tones to wear everyday, and stumbled upon this beautiful palette called ‘Don’t Quit You Daydream’. This eye palette is everything. This palette comes with seven eye shadows and a highlighter. They colors are amazing and great for everyday wear. I have fallen in love with Tarte because they are environmentally conscience.These eye shadows are made from Amazonian clay. Another bonus, when you buy a Tarte palette it comes with a demo card that shows you how to do one or two looks with the palette. It is currently sold at Ulta and on for $29. This is my third Tarte palette and I fall more in love with this line every time I buy one. The shadows last a long time, and usually come with both matte and shimmery shades. Totally worth the investment.

Tone Baby Tone! Why oh why didn’t anyone tell me the benefits of user toner in your beauty
regimen back in the day? The lovely ladies at Ulta have told me that toners hydrate your face and helps better set your makeup so now it’s a staple in a beauty regimen. My favorite is by Mario Badescue. This toner has rose water, aloe, and herbs. It smells so good I’ve been known to use it on my body on a hot day, and my hair. The 4 oz bottle is just $7 a bottle. This hydrating mists smell sooooo good, and does the trick. I put it on before I moisturize and after makeup to help set it. I highly recommend.

If you all have any drug store brands that are amazing or find a good dupe please email me I’d love to hear about it. I can be reached at I have a friend who works for ArBonne Comestics so I may be doing a blog on that soon.