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Friday, June 10, 2016

#WomenWhoSlay: Confident, Comforters: Rachel S, Sally Delta, Antoinette R, Khloe K

Body Confident, Comforting Women
To the women who teach me to love my shape and myself

One day a few years ago I was looking for a scripture to send to one of my best girlfriends. I wanted something that described how much I had grown as a person knowing her, and I found Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another.” It captured our friendship so perfectly. Because of Rachel I became a better reporter, friend, and I learned to love my quirky personality. She loved my loud laugh, my flirtatious ways, my love of God, my crazy dog, and my big heart. She watched my reporter demo reels, gave me good, honest feedback, and always listen when I needed her. She was one of the only people in Lynchburg who knew I was struggling with depression and anxiety. She loved me anyway. I could write a novel about how loving, caring, comforting, and kind Rachel is. So this week I honor a few women who like Rachel taught me to love myself, and sharpen me in ways I never knew. Love you Rachel AKA Ivory always and forever.

Rachel S AKA Ivory : Rachel and I instantly clicked when I met her at WSET in Lynchburg. She is fun, beautiful, one of the smartest women I know, and has a heart of gold. I am often intimidated by beautiful women, but Rachel always made me feel just as gorgeous as her. Her confidence is contagious. Hanging with her made me feel fabulous, sexy, and free. Aside from our professional respect for each other Rachel was and is one of my best friends. I learned so much about myself working along side her, and slaying the streets of Lynchburg whenever we had money to go out. We were two broke reporters,
with great fashion sense, and a sense of adventure. Rachel took our little paycheck and made it slay. She cooked for me, and bought me wine when I was broke in the wallet or the heart. Like I said I could write a novel about how much I love and respect this woman. Just know she’s fabulous and is the epitome of a good girlfriend. I am so happy she has found the man of her dreams and is continuing to slay in her professional life. Love you doll. Ebony & Ivory Forever

Sally Delta: Ya’ll let me just say Sally Delta slays.  When I first met her I was like, “Damn this woman is beautiful.” She didn’t have on any makeup just her honey, blonde hair, milky skin, freckles, and a smile that could make any man blush. I thought to myself, “There is no way this chick and I are going to have anything in common. She’s a totally “pretty girl” and I am a Tomboy trying to be cute.” 
Me, Sally, and my Fine Fella Jemon Haskin

I was so wrong. Like Rachel I worked with Sally at a WSET-ABC 13 News in Lynchburg. Sally was a news photographer and honestly there are not a whole lot of those. The equipment is heavy, and the work is hard. But that chick handled herself with the best of them. Not only that the girl can write, act, model, you name it Sally Delta can do it.  Even more amazing than her work ethic, is her personality and her kind heart. She is from Appommatox, Virginia and every bit the Southern Belle. Her love knows no boundaries. She has black friends, white friends, model friends, regular janes like me. We shared so much as co-workers and friends. I still remember one of her favorite songs by Katy Perry ‘Teenage Dream’, it fits her so well. Sally like Rachel has found the man of her dreams and they are expecting their first child. Love you doll to the moon and back. When Lolo gets some money she’s coming to Cali to visit the Kelly family. I love me some Pippa (Her adorable Westie)

Antoinette R.: When I worked in news in Hampton Roads,  Antoinette was the competition. We met through mutual friends, and soon found ourselves discussing news, love, life and Jesus on a regular basis. I love her so much for supporting me in my valley and as I climb back to my peak. I am learning not a lot people can or will do that for you. But, Antoinette is one of those ride or die friends. She does not ask for praise or thanks. I am a better journalist, and friend for having known her. She is so talented, funny, beautiful, and kind. Even better she loves Jesus. Whenenver we are together I feel so spiritually feed. I am weary of churches because of some tough moments I’ve had as Southern Baptist, but Antoinette reminds me there are Christians who love you where you’re at. Like the woman at the wall in the book of John, Antoinette loves you when you’re weak and when you’re strong. She loves you when you’re slaying and when you’re slumming. She praises you when it counts, and advises you when you need it. Thanks for being you. I am so grateful God brought you in my life. There are not enough words to thank you for sharpening me. #ironsharpensiron. I know in my heart God has amazing things planned for you. Your dreams matter. He hears them and because you delight in Him he wants to give them to you #psalms37:4

Khloe Kardashian: Now I know people are going to hate on me for putting Khloe on here. The Kardashian brand is very polarizing. You either love them or you hate them. I do not hide the fact that I love them. They make me laugh, make mistakes in love like me, and they’re some of the best business women on reality television. I’ve blogged about them on several occasions, but today I’m blogging about Khloe because she’s one of my ‘Body Confidence Role Models’. I have always thought Khloe was beautiful. She was the tall, curvy one in the Kardashian trio and I loved it. She wore body con (tight fitted) dresses even as a thick chick. I could on about how much I love her personality, or how open she is about her love life, but I’ll save that for another blog. 

Not only do I admire Khloe's body confidence I admire her strength in the face of adversity. When things hit the rocks between her and Lamar she turned to the gym for therapy. I know this because I read her book ‘Strong is Better Naked’. It’s a self help book that focuses on fitness, confidence, and starting over. Well in the book Khloe explains why she started hitting the gym. She found solace on the elliptical, and over time started to shed pounds. The gym became her therapy, and in there she found an inner and outer strength she didn’t know was possible. I know this feeling because when I was 135, running every other day, and living the Weight Watchers lifestyle I felt amazing. I am working to getting back to that. Khloe’s transformation reminded me working out is for me, not to please some man, conform to the media’s image of beauty, or to wear a certain outfit. Koko (khloe’s nickname) reminds me that being healthy is sexy. Bible, she inspires me. I see you girl, and Lolo is coming for you. Right now, all I can do is power walk because my feet get swollen, but I am working on my fitness as Fergie says. Thanks for reminding me the beauty and the power of being healthy. #youslaydoll #womenwhoslay

MAD LOVE to Rachel, Antoinette, Sally and Khloe for sharpening me in your own way. Love you dolls!