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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself: Lauren Hope

Many of you know me as Lauren Compton from WAVY News 10 or WSET or MTV's Choose or Lose campaign in 2008. I had an amazing television career, starting from my internship at WAVY New10 to becoming a production assistant and New Media Content Specialist at NBC 12, to Backpack Journalist for MTV's Choose or Lose to Bedford County reporter at WSET, to General Assignment Reporter at WAVY News 10. I am thankful for every opportunity, all the stories I got to tell, and the people I got to meet. I am so humbled you all welcomed me into your homes via your television, phone, or computer. You are why I am became a journalist. Since I was a little girl I wanted to tell stories, and my career as a television reporter allowed me to do that. I am so grateful that God presented that opportunity.

Little Lauren. 

I never intended to be a television reporter. I was going to school to be a family therapist at Tidewater Community College when my Public Speaking teacher encouraged me to give television news a try. I don't remember her name, but chick wherever you are thank you. Thank you for sewing a seed in me. I looked into Broadcast Journalism and fell in love with the idea of being a story teller. I quickly changed my major and applied to Virginia Commonwealth University. It is there I developed my passion for journalism, where I learned the power of words, holding people accountable, and being brave enough to tell bold stories. Thank you VCU. When I get the money I plan to donate, donate, and donate. What I learned at your institution was invaluable!

Over the years I've gotten to do so many amazing things, and my name Lauren Compton has been all over: blogs, television websites, MTV News, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, a psychology research project, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Special Olympics, the list goes on and on. I am so proud of my name. I always tell people, "It's Lauren like Ralph Lauren." Then I will say, "It's COMPTON like the city," and people always chuckle or connect with me. My name has broken down barriers with interview subjects, made people sing 'California Love', and earned me street cred even when I don't deserve it. Your name is power

I am a television reporter turned writer, blogger, consultant, public speaker, and soon to be mental health advocate. I am departing from my television past. I am grateful for what it has taught me, but I am on a new course now one that is bold, fearless, and unapologetic. I will be talking about sex, love, depression, relationships, Obamacare, mental health, special needs, and so much more. These are things I could not discuss as a television reporter. I plan to publish a book some may view as risqué especially my parents and family. But it is my life story to tell. My father and mother are for the most part private people. I AM NOT! I  NEVER HAVE BEEN! So in the interest of protecting them I plan to now go by Lauren Hope AKA Lolo. My friends may still call me COMPTON, or LC. I love that. But I would  like to be called Lauren Hope. I will be published under this name, all interviews in the future I will go by this name, and my social media personality will be under this name. I know this will be a tough transition for some.

I am sorry this is long. I felt the need to explain why I am now going by Lauren Hope. I now introduce myself as Lauren Hope formerly Lauren Compton of WAVY News 10. I am separating myself from my television career because my new one is uncharted territory and I want it to be my own.
So as Jay-Z once said, "Allow me to reintroduce myself."

My name is Lauren Hope. I also interact under @LaurenHope84 on Periscope, Twitter, and @LoloSlays84 on Instagram. These are my middle names which I adore. I hope you love them too.You can still connect with my television viewer fans on my News Personality Page Lauren Compton. I still value those connections so I interact with viewers there who know me as Lauren Compton. Viewer support has been amazing by the way in Lynchburg and Hampton Roads. Thank you for the love you have shown me.

On this blog you can read about my love life, my depression, my love of God, my views on relationships, how I am trying to piece my life back together, among other topics.
I hope you continue this journey with me. It is bound to be an interesting one.
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