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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fine Fellas Friday: Jemon Haskins & Mike Fisch (My News Buddies)

I love having guy friends, I always have. When I was little living in Mississippi my best friends were my cousin Jason, his friend, my young uncle Josh. We would play baseball behind my great grandmother's single level home in the heat of summer. The backyard had no grass, just dusty, ashy dirt. We made bases out of random things like an old refrigerator, a light pole, and a stick. Whenever we ran to the bases our shoes would kick up the dirt and create a small sand storm. This was our playground in the country. We loved it, and I learned so much about how to be a good friend to boys.
I remember those days fondly, and how rejected I felt when my boy friends left me to go chase girls or tail as my great grandmother called it. But, somewhere in my heart I knew this was the order of things. Guy friends always leave, they always go to chase tail, pursue love, or their passion. They are only yours for a moment unless you are lucky enough to have a male friend who will ride with you like one of your closest girlfriends. I honestly only know a handful of men willing to do that for me. And, I love them with all my heart. So today I honor two of my best guy friends who have gone off to chase girls, chase their dreams, and find themselves. Thanks for sharpen me, and for the brief moment loving me flaws and all. #ironsharpensiron

Funniest Man I Know: Jemon Haskins
Ah man there is not enough space on this blog to describe how much I love Jemon Haskins. He's the Chief Photographer at the ABC affiliate in Lynchburg, Virginia. He is fabulous. Jemon and I
worked together on my first day at the station. Gosh, I love this memory. He took me to one of his favorite spots in Lynchburg, a Mexican restaurant called La Carretta. The food was super rich, and I remember having the bubble guts shortly after but we had a great time connecting over Mexican food. Later that week we worked together on a story about the changing of the leaves. Don't laugh I thought it was a good story pitch. Lynchburg is one of the best places in Virginia to see fall colors. There are picturesque mountains, green, vibrant trees, and breathtaking views. I love the outdoor so doing a story about fall colors seemed like a good way to introduce myself to the community. Jemon knew all the right places to go to get beautiful shots of the leaves changing colors.

But, here's where it gets funny. As we were driving, I heard a loud thump.
"Jemon, what was that?" I asked looking around the car.

"Girl nothing!" He replied in his southern accent.

I looked in the rear view mirror and I saw a large, brown lump in the middle of a dusty road.

"Oh! MY! GOD! Jemon you ran over a groundhog!" I said in horror.

"Oh girl, well I didn't see him. Why was he crossing the road? I mean he saw me driving."

"Really Jemon? Really? You think that groundhog knew you were going to be driving down this road today?"

"Compton, (he calls me by my last name) look I'm trying to do my job, I can't be looking out for all the little critters in the forest." He said this seriously yet playfully. I burst out laughing. I laughed so hard tears welled up in my eyes. This has been my relationship with Jemon ever since that day. The story was gorgeous  and in the process I gained a wonderful friend, a boy friend I plan to have for life, no matter where our paths take us.

Jemon is not just a photographer. He's an actor in Lynchburg and is always busy preparing for a play, he's a member of Big Brothers, Big Sisters and is always helping the youth. He is a beacon of light in community, and he's just as famous as the mayor of the city. He volunteers, he has a cool car, he cares for his mother, he's a dedicated friend, he mentors young photojournalists. Like I said there isn't enough space on this blog to describe what an incredible man he is. Thank you Jemon for being my friend Jemon and sharpening me. I have so many fond memories of you in the field, and in life. Thanks buddy! Don't ever change. #ironsharpensiron

To my friend, my dance partner, an inspiration Happy Fine Fellas Friday.

Also Jemon is being honored at an amazing gala

If you live in or around Lynchburg, Virginia come support Jemon and these other amazing Lynchburg residents. I'll be at the gala, cheering, networking, praising and of course blogging.

Love You, Love God More

Lauren Hope