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Monday, May 2, 2016

Loving Lynchburg: Lolo Parties Part Two

I was eating at a cool restaurant called 'Market at Main' in downtown Lynchburg when a man overhead me talking about my crazy weekend in downtown Lynchburg.

"Nightlife? Lynchburg has no nightlife," he shouted

"Well sir I am sorry to tell you this but Lynchburg's night life is alive and thriving. I went to two dance parties this weekend, stayed at a hotel with people from Charlottesville, D.C., Richmond, and elsewhere who came for an insane paint party downtown this weekend. So yes the nightlife is here and it is here to stay," I responded.

That was a long response. What was I doing giving him a news report on the Lynchburg night life? I guess I was and honestly I've been doing that here, Hampton Roads, and Richmond. Every chance someone mentions Lynchburg I find myself talking about the nightlife. As a Virginia Beach girl who loves to parties, Lynchburg is becoming a destination. And for all the promoters I know this is good news that a Virginia Beach girl is willing to travel to shake her groove thing in the Hill City. Bravo to the people transforming downtown. I spoke with a promoter a few weeks back and shared with me the great developments in downtown Lynchburg. He also shared that they are courting college students, young professionals, basically people who will spend money downtown and bring all their friends. Well I can see it happening, and I honestly think it's great of the city. Bravo Hill City-- keep at it.

Well back to the soap opera that is my life. Where were we? Yes, Saturday. Well like I mentioned in my previous blog I took a fun photo shoot with some news friends. I need as many new pictures I can get to feature on my new website It is going live in a month and I want the world to be in love with my pictures, my videos, my stories, and my heart. I've been working hard to produce good content, content worth paying $1.99 a month for. I'll have exclusive videos on stories I'm working on, news about the business Good Girl Chronicles, of course my love life, pictures, and some other great ideas coming down the pipeline. Sign up for to jump on board.

Anyways--- like I said I had a fun photo shoot with my news friends and I think you're gonna love the pictures can't wait till they are done. After that I went to watch a friend of mine wrestle off U.S. 29 in Lynchburg. It was freaking amazing. I am a WWE fan. I stopped watching when The Rock left, but I still respect and love the industry. I watch 'Total Divas' on E, and catch a few matches when I can so I jumped at the chance to see some live wrestling. Man it was incredible. My mouth was on the floor. My friend's character is named Corey Black, and he was up against some pretty boy. I don't remember his name but the two of them fought hard. I know wrestling is choreographed, but the moves looks painful and very, very real. Man I was hella proud to be his friend. The place that offers the wrestling is called Strong Style wrestling and they train wrestlers. They also put on amazing shows. Trust me Corey Black I'll be back and I'll bring friends. Maybe I'll have my camera equipment then and I'll shoot a story for Good Girl Chronicles.

Saturday night Lolo wanted to dance so I found myself back at Dish, the chic restaurant that turns into a dance hall after 10:00 p.m., and just like last time the crowd was hype. I stood by the bar and I people watched. There were some fine men in there. I flirted with a tall white guy with rhythm (cause sometimes they don't. Not being racist!) He bought me a drink, and we laughed together. Later a super sexy, sultry Colombian walked up next to me. I saw him in the corner of my eye sipping a drink.

"Why aren't you dancing? You could show these girls a thing or two," he whispered in my ear.

"I like to people watch, plus my butt is big and I don't want to draw attention to myself," I responded. (LOL why am I so honest)

"Too late honey! Let me get you a drink." Classic playboy move. The Colombian wanted to get me toasted.  Quite the contrary. The Colombian came back with he drink and proceeded to pepper me with questions. Where do you work? What do you do for fun? Why are you in the burg? I mean I was on a job interview. But, this spoke volumes. The Colombian wanted to know all about Lolo and that was hella sexy. He told me about his parents, their amazing marriage, his life back in Florida, his time at Liberty University. He made me laugh, and complimented me over and over. I was intoxicated with his attention.

"You look like you have great lips," I said whispered in his ear. (Who says that? Lolo does.) In that moment in a loud, crowded club 'The Colombian' leaned over and kissed me. It was one of those slow, intense kisses just like the movies.  It was Usher's 'Good Kisser' in real life, a dose of 'Candy Rain'. It was magic. When it was over 'The Colombian' smiled.

"You're a good kisser. Tell me again why don't you have a boyfriend?"

"I don't know I'm chasing the dream Colombian."

"Can I have your number?" HELL YES!  The Colombian and I chatted for hours that night. It didn't even matter that my Pretty Young Thing ex was obviously trying to make me jealous that night. He came in with two girls, ignored me, and proceeded to grind on both the girls right next to me. Lolo has no time for boys. It's laughable how hard he tried to get my attention. Men are stupid sometimes.  Sunday is really irrelevant after that. All I did was stroll around Lynchburg and look at all the new stuff on Wards Road, a main thoroughfare in Lynchburg. It was incredible. I finished the night chatting with a girlfriend, and thinking about 'The Colombian'. City Hall is old news for now.  Lolo is a free agent until she finds a man who is worthy. To my amazement 'The Colombian' has texted twice since Saturday night..... things could get interesting... and maybe I'll have more reasons to come back to the burg other than the thriving night life. Here's hope. Love you Lynchburg.

Lauren Hope
P.S. I finally got to see the P.Diddy of Lynchburg, man who is a big mover and shaker in the burg. It was cool We caught up, he laughed at my crazy weekend, and we vowed to talk again.

Thank P.Diddy Take that ! TAKE THAT!