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Friday, May 20, 2016

Lolo's Bar Confessions: It's About Being Real, Bebe Dresses, & Confidence

OMG I finally got an invite to this amazing place called the 'Sky Bar' in Virginia Beach. Click  'Sky Bar' to check it out. It is nothing short of gorgeous. Am I saying that right? I want to say it's fucking amazing. I felt like a black Carrie Bradshaw going to a club opening at the Oceanfront. The only problem is I'm years too late. The Sky Bar has been open in Virginia Beach for a hot minute (aka a long ass time).

Reasons I Never Went To the Skybar 
 A.) I didn't think I could afford it. Honestly for $200 a season it's not bad. I want to add I am not being paid by Sky Bar (although that would be nice) to write this blog. But, I've dropped 200 bucks in one weekend partying in Richmond and in downtown Norfolk. Honestly, it's a good investment. I was able to chat about my blog, flirt with some hot guys, and wear my new Bebe dress.

B.) I thought it was too swanky got me. Look I really am a simple girl. I do love tight fitted clothes, name brand designs, good food, a handsome man, and fun girlfriends. But I am also a Tomboy at heart. A woman who likes wearing jeans and a graphic t-shirt most days. So when I heard people talk about the Sky Bar I always thought it was for skinny, hot chicks with rich boyfriends. Don't get me wrong I am sure a lot of the fellas I saw in there had money, no one was bragging about it. A lot of the women were skinny, but a lot of them complimented me, a curvy, some would say fat, fabulous woman, straight slaying in my Bebe dress. (By the way Bebe is not paying me either but I heavily support their Outlet store in Williamsburg Virginia. The associates are amazing, and they helped me believe a plus size woman could feel sexy in Bebe. That is the power of good customer service.) Back to the story--- They say never judge a book by it's cover. Well I say don't always believe what your friends say. I once knew a guy who had a membership who made me feel like only celebrities went to the Sky Bar. Nope! A regular, plain jane like me went and had the best night I've had all month.

Well I can't really think of a C.) Those are the two big reasons I didn't go to the Sky Bar. It sas nothing like I imagined at all. It was chic, glamorous, but also so chill. Not sure how they maintain that balance but keep doing what you do Sky Bar. I felt fabulous and so did my girlfriend who came with me. We were invited  by the DJ, whom I used to work with at a local television station.

ME and Brandon (BTW he's so handsome and humble)
The fabulous chicks I met there

Fabulous Highlights
  • Met some adorable, cute, hot, successful educated dolls there. You helped me remember that real woman praise each  other. We don't have tear each other down to feel good about ourselves. They were so kind, and I think they could tell I was self conscience. When I took off my jacket to expose my dress, they cheered for me. That felt good. #womenwhoslay
  • Danced with white guys- typically white men I've met do not have rhythm, but these cats could actually dance.
  • Drank an amazing sweet drink that was NOT too watery or too strong.
  • Reunited with my friend Brandon who is such a cutie and so humble. One of my favorite combinations
  • I connected with my DJ friend and he was super cool
  • My girlfriend and I both got to feel so fucking fabulous. We are both small business owners and we've been hustling hard lately. It felt good to just be two girls chatting in the bar.

For everything else I missed watch this cute Youtube video with my adorable dog Goliath. (He was hangry so please excuse his rudeness)

Love You, Love God More
Lauren Hope AKA Lolo

Owner, Creator of Good Girl Chronicles, a business in Chesapeake, VA dedicated to story-telling.

Psalms 37:4 "Delight thyself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart."