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Monday, May 2, 2016

Loving Lynchburg: Lolo Parties Part One

Man I've had an incredible weekend in Lynchburg. I'm not surprised though. When I lived here a few years ago I always remember having the most fun on weekends. I am your typical Virginia Beach girl. I love dancing at the Oceanfront, drinks with girlfriends, laughing over silly stuff, putting on a  sexy outfit and slaying the town. VIRGINIA  BEACH GIRLS ROCK and we LOVE TO PARTY. So when I first moved to Lynchburg I had an immediate culture shock. The mountains, the small town feel, everyone asking me if I had a church home it was too much. I honestly couldn't wait to leave. For about a year and some change I was counting down the days till my television contract expired. But, something happened .... I slowly fell in love with Lynchburg. Then I met one of my best friends Jade (She's featured in Beauty & The Cute Girl) and together we painted the town PINK ( not red we're are more PINK girls if you ask me) just about every payday. We were broke reporters so we had to make the money stretch. But, in Lynchburg it doesn't take much to party like a G so we often ended up dancing, drinking, watching roller derby, flirting with boys, or going to wineries and getting our Sex and the City  on. My God we SLAYED so hard it hurt. So it comes as no surprise that I had one of the best weekends of my year this weekend in Lynchburg.
Church signs like this are typical in Lynchburg.
I love it.

In a nutshell : I went dancing two nights in a row, stayed out till 4 a.m., flirted with a singer from a local R&B group, met a hot Colombian, saw a live wrestling match, ate some amazing food, met a financial adviser who wants to help my business, saw some old t.v friends, got free drinks from some hot men, took some fun pictures--- ok let me just get to the story.

Monument Terrace Veterans
I got in on a Friday afternoon.  As I was driving around the city, I remembered it was Monument
Monument Terrace
Terrace Veterans Friday. Every Friday, Veterans from all over come and stand at the bottom of a long row of steps in Lynchburg. It's called Monument Terrace. The veterans hold flags, trade war stories, and greet people. They have been doing this for over 750 weeks. As a television reporter this always amazed me. Not that they were standing out there but that they were sharing their stories, living in the Heart of Virginia, and being brave enough to share their stories. I am glad now that I am out of the business and I will get to help them more. It's incredible what these men and women do. I pulled over, talked to some veterans, snapped some pictures, donated some money, and ended up reuniting with some old friends. I connected with Steve
Bozeman, an veteran himself, a 60 something marathon runner, and a great asset to the community. We vowed to stay in touch, and I extended my help where I could.  I also bumped into Andre Whitehead (I can use their names because they are both public figures who I know are ok with me using it.)  Andre and I have worked together in the past. He has a local production company in Lynchburg that is devoted to telling positive news in the community. I respect the heck out of that. He also highlighted one of my favorites stories in my career about swimming and the black community. The exposure meant a lot, and it helped me to take my message of the importance of learning to swim across the community. Thank you Andre.

Me and Earl Washington (Monument Terrace Vet)

I have more pictures on my Facebook page: (they are public. The album is called 'This is Lynchburg')

A Night with Apple Butter Soul
I wasn't sure what to do for the evening, but I remembered that on weekends this chic restaurant
Apple Butter
Sorry ladies at least two of them are married
named Dish turns into a dance party after 10 p.m. To my surprise my favorite Lynchburg band 'Apple Butter' was playing that night. Ladies let me tell you. These men are FINE, SEXY even. I don't go to their performances because of this but hey it doesn't hurt. I've even tried to date one of the singers in the band (HARD) but it just hasn't worked out. Nothing on his part we just didn't make the love connection, but the dates were super nice, he attended a wedding with me once and was the perfect gentleman. (these are the type of dating situations I love)

Apple Butter has a large following in Lynchburg so Dish was packed. I had some Malibus, awkwardly ran into an ex of mine (My first 'Pretty Young Thing' no less. We flirted, exchanged numbers and that's all that happened with that. His lost right?), I saw some fierce dolls that I love Beth and Adrienne who I adore. We hugged, danced, and told each other how fabulous we are. Love positive women. Then when the night was over me and a few band members of Apple Butter talked. Charles, the bass player, and I are good friends. We talked about almost anything love, God, dreams, and their upcoming shows. I love these guys and hanging with them makes me feel like I'm rubbing elbows with the A list celebrities of Lynchburg (Ya know what it's exactly like that) Like I mentioned earlier, I tried to date a singer in the group, I'll call him Sexual Chocolate cause everyone else does. He made me laughed, serenaded me, and I remembered why I tried to date him in the first place. Oh God I hope I don't start a fire storm of Facebook stalkers. Maybe that wouldn't be bad for the band HAHAH! Anyway Charles Bailey IV (the guy I featured in Fine Fellas Friday) was amazing as usual. His thoughts on love are deep, and then he read my palm. He told me one day I'd get married, I'd have an intense love, and I'd be successful. I don't know about no palm reading, but I do know God sends people to tell us about ourselves sometimes. In that moment, in a cleared out restaurant I cried. I thought God, "Is this really what you have for me?" It felt right, and I know Charles is right. I will have a good marriage and an intense love... in God's timing... Meanwhile--- LOLO is gonna slay honey and date some around. Thanks for the amazing night Apple Butter it was one for the books. Wanna play at my website launch party too? (fingers crossed they say yes) 

Pics With Friends
Saturday was one for the books too. Since I worked in Lynchburg as a television reporter I have a lot of friends still in the business. I told a former news photographer friend (He now works with a college in the area) of mine that I needed new photos for my website. He agreed to snap a few shots with his friend who is also a photographer from a Lynchburg university. Little did I know I was about to find a kindred spirit, a man who understood hip and rap, and who I feel is my long lost black relative.

In respect for their jobs, I'll give them both nicknames. Pablo, my news photographer friend, brought me to my black brother 's house (the other photographer from a Lynchburg university. Is this making sense? It will soon I promise.)
I love my news friends. So sad he shaved this off.

Part two coming up it includes my picture day... meeting the Colombian, bumping into an ex at Dish (WHYYY), a shirt with 'I SLAY' on it, and a late night kiss in a loud club.