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Sunday, May 29, 2016

LOLO Parties: Reasons to Party in Lynchburg

Lolo Parties: Reasons to Party in Lynchburg! It’s Epic!

A night of dancing & drinking in Lynchburg, Va

 In case you don’t know I used to be a television reporter. For close to 10 years I chased ambulances, crime, politicians and tragedies. I loved my life as a journalist. It was restricting however. As a twenty something woman who loved men, liked to party, and loved a good beer being a reporter was hard. A lot of television stations have morality clauses which means you have to project whatever image the stations stipulates. Usually this means women are supposed to be super conservative in their looks, personality, and sexual energy. I’ve seen a lot of reporters and public figures alike lose their reputations because they got caught being drunk in public, swapping naughty photos, public sex, or worse having an affair. That is why as a reporter I felt an intense need to keep my nose clean.

A lot of reporters will NOT party in the cities where they do the news. People lose respect for reporters who are overly sexual, or reporters who have tons of boyfriends. It’s a fact! I’ve seen it happen too many times. Viewers somehow find out, and they don’t have as much respect for reporters with messy love lives. It’s just the #factsoflife for the news reporter. So when I worked in Lynchburg I partied at a spot called Metro in Roanoke. When I worked in Portsmouth, Va well I hardly ever partied. Viewers would put you on blast anywhere. #snitches I felt I had too much to lose working at the intense station I worked for. And, honesty that goes against everything I am. I love people, I love to dance, I love to sip on a beer over a long conversation. That is why when I created Good Girl Chronicles, my story-telling business in Chesapeake, Va, I decided it was time to show the world the real me.

I am a curvy woman who loves tight fitted clothes. I love to dance with hot men. That does not mean I go home with them. And I’ve cut off just about everyone I knew from my reporter days so I don’t give two craps what they think anymore. A lot of people in television news are gossips. I mean in some form they verify gossip for a living #facts. And, honestly not a lot of them helped me when I was battling depression. I’m not salty. I’m just stating facts. They only wanted to talk to me because they thought I got fired, killed, promoted, or worse that I killed myself. I could literally show you messages from a weather guy who I dated who said, “So what am I supposed to tell people” I’m thinking to myself, “I don’t know dude. I’m telling you I tried to kill myself fives times last year do what you want with that information. I no longer care!” #crumbyman 

 So now I am a free bird. I am a strong, curvy, black woman who can party her ass off. And I fucking love it.

I live in Virginia Beach, Va but on holidays like most locals I do not like the Oceanfront. It is overcrowded and uncomfortable. So I came to Lynchburg AKA the Hill City for some rest and relaxation. I always hit up this restaurant called Dish because after 10 p.m. a D.J. comes and turns the party out. The cover charge is cheap, the music is lit, and for the most part the guys are hot. I met a sweet Colombian there one night. Tonight was no different


  • I wore a tight fitted Eva Mendes dress from  New York and Company. I wasn’t sure how it would be received since my boobs weren't sitting in the dress right. Well from the reaction I got from some men and a few young ladies I think I slayed.
  • I was a little self conscience to dance cause it’s been so long since I danced in public. I didn’t think I had the moves, but some fun chicks got me on the dance floor. Then it was OVER. It was old Lolo grinding on hot guys, and flirting with cute boys. It felt good to be comfortable in my skin. The more comfortable I got the more people came to me. I have to remember that.
  • OMG- the bouncers at Dish are so cute. They have these accents, they smell good, and their suits are fly. Yea, ya girl was flirting with those ‘PYTs’ . One of them just graduated college so I can say that. And, they showed Lolo mad love last night. I told myself to stay away from PYT’s but I can’t help it. That is code  for Pretty Young Things like in the Michael Jackson song.
  • I saw one of my exes there with a skinny chick, and I think he regretted ever screwing me over. Stupid boy!
  • I finished the night chatting with this grey eyed cutie at Texas Inn  AKA FINE ASF. Texas Inn
    is the late night eat spot in Lynchburg. They offer greasy, fried, unhealthy food and that is why people like it. They normally stay open super late but, for some reason last night they closed at 2 a.m. A lot of people were disappointed. Me and the grey cutie cut up for like an hour! 
  • I got some new subscribers to my blog which makes me smile

  • I went home ALONE. I love to dance, and have a good time. I also LOVE COMING HOME ALONE. I come home take off my Spanx, drink coke cola, watch ‘The Office’ then I fall asleep writing my blog.  Plus, I danced so hard I’m sure I lost weight on the dance floor, my feet hurt, but my weave is in tact. No one needs to see all that. Overall I would say I had a good night. Can’t wait to come back Hill City again NEXT TIME with some fine ass honeys from Virginia Beach. When VB girls party we shut the whole place down. Trust me boo!

I’m still offering my fabulous ‘Lolo Parties' blogs for free but once my new website drops that may be only for Team Good Girl members. 

Eventually I will move to a subscription based blog. It is $1.99 a month to get everything Lolo, exclusive photo shoots, new videos, funny stories about my bar confessions, and all my Good Girl ways.

Love You , Love God MoreLauren Hope