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Friday, May 6, 2016

Fine Fellas Friday: Lolo Loves Bald Men: Ty Scott & Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Confessional time. I fell in love with my first bald man when I was 21.  I met him at an Express store in Richmond. I went in there to buy some party clothes for the weekend cause that's just what we did in Richmond on Saturdays. I have insanely good memory with certain things. If you leave an impression on me chances are I will remember what you were wearing when we met and what you said. That is just how my mind works. Later in life I learned that I've always had an insane memory. I was almost one of those gifted kids, but I couldn't stop talking long enough to get instruction. Ah well. 

Anyway, I walked into the Express, and I saw Mr. GQ right away. He had perfect skin, a mixture of light brown, honey, and caramel. His bald head was shaved so close it was almost shining under the retail lights. "Can I help you?" he asked. Yes you most certainly can. Help me right out of this store boo, and let's run away together.  "Oh, well I was looking for some nice pants for this party I am going to,"I replied trying not to show that I was clearly checking him out.

"Oh, you should try these...." I honestly have no clue what he said next. All I could think of was, where has this man been all my life. He bent over in these booty hugging khaki pants, and I was done. This is too much information but I was slightly aroused. 

The rest of the moment was blur. I was caught up in my head about this guy. I bought the pants and left the store. When I got to the party I was headed to all I could do was talk about this suave bald headed man. Fate is a funny thing. I went back to the store cause I needed a part time job while I was in college. Mr. GQ was there the day I applied, and the first day I worked.

"Hey lady! I was hoping you got the job," he said grinning. He had the most gorgeous smile. I remember blushing at the sound of him calling me lady. It's still my favorite pet name. After that Mr. GQ complimented me everyday we worked together. We went on to date for almost five years. We lived together, had a dog together, we shopped for rings, and blended friends. He was with me the night my mother said she had breast cancer, and held me when I cried at night. God I adore you boo. I always will. Life took us in different directions but I am so glad I got to love you honey. I am a better woman for all the good times and the bad times. Mr. GQ is married now. This is wrong to say but I know he still loves me. He told me he had our pictures and thought of me often. It is so wrong. I will never be his friend again, we will never talk. But, sometimes on a rainy day like today I cry for him, and I pray God will bring a man even better than Mr. GQ. My love is star baby. 

I will write part two of this blog about Ty Scott and Dwayne but I have to wipe my tears away first. It hurts so bad when the love you want is not the one God has for you. I have made peace about it. But, sometimes I cry for the love we could have had, the children I wanted with you, and the world I wanted to see through your eyes. 

Mr. GQ... you kill me baby.

To be continued......